Roadtrip!♪ Mt. Fuji and the Five Lakes with Nissan RENT-A-CAR

Chubu Tour Mountfuji 2015.12.02
We get out of the city and enjoy the life off the beaten path. With Nissan backing us, we've taken a little trip to show you what a real road trip is, JAPAN style. Fasten your seatbelts and .. well.. go to restroom now because we aren't stopping! #schedule

# Japan Camping ♪ Who's ready!?

▶ Departure: Narita Airport
▶ Destination: In order to see the beautiful Mount Fuji,
we have chosen a campground located near a sophisticated lakeside setting.
(You can catch a glimpse of the majestic Mt. Fuji and the most elegant lakeside views of five lakes)
▶ Transportation: Rental car (Nissan RENT-A-CAR  at Narita Airport Terminal 2 Branch)
▶ Directions: Rent a car from Narita airport>>> camping sites >>> Return the car at Shinjuku, Tokyo

A rent-a-car travel plan from Narita Airport
Let's go!!!
Five lakes and Mt. Fuji we're coming!


Driving in Japan

Driving in Japan presents different challenges than in the
west. For starters, it's right hand drive. 
So some people worry about how if driving in Japan will be 
possible. Well it's no worry at all, it's easy to get the hand of it! 

Once you have the essential points in mind,
 (just 3-minutes are enough to get used to it~),
it's all smooth sailing after that.
After all Japan has very well kept roads and courteous drivers

Our Trip's route

Turn on the navigation and buckle up!
<Schedule of Mt. Fuji camping travel with rental car>
★ Rent car after arrival at Narita Airport 
① Best view of Mount Fuji -  Fuji Sengen Shrine
② Famous dish of Yamanashi - Hoto (Stewing flat udon noodles & vegetables in miso soup)
③ Smallest lake among Fuji Five Lakes - Lake Shoji Camp
Take a break! Enjoy hot springs under Mount Fuji
④ Move from Yamanashi to Shizuoka > Green tea field DRIVE
⑤ Japan's largest scale outlet mall - "Gotemba premium outlet" shopping
★ return to Tokyo Shinjuku> return car (off-site*)

Estimated costs:
One day Two nights car-rental --- 25 900 yen
1 time Refuel --- about 3, 000 yen
Highway tolls fee --- about 1, 0000 yen

Quite a reasonable trip eh? Imagine splitting with a couple close friends.
  • Nissan RENT-A-CAR Narita Airport Terminal 2
    Nissan RENT-A-CAR Narita Airport Terminal 2
    The Nissan RENT-A-CAR counter is located on the right-hand
    side of Narita Airport Terminal 2. Just present your air- ticket
    receipt, passport and international driver's license; then, fill
    out some documents. That's it!
    (May vary depending on country of citizenship.)

    You can directly rent a car from the official site!

    Nissan RENT A CAR (English)
  • Japan Expressway card! ETC card
    Japan Expressway card! ETC card
    With this card, you can use the ETC automatic toll collection system.
    This system has been implemented in vehicles in order to ease
    the toll pay system. Of course you have to rent the card
    together with the car!

    Fees: Only ¥ 315 ($2.67 as of 1/25/16) when you rent the car together.

    With this card, toll fee will be automatically deducted at the toll-gate
    when you pass by. Then, you can just bill it when you return the car!
    How convenient!


When this car came out into the market,
it's calm appearance and "TOUGH GEAR" TV advertisement
got quite a bit of people worked up!

Nissan's representative SUV X-TRAIL
is a different cut from the first generation of models.
With it's sleek stylish good looks, the appearance of this
new generation is brand new and oh so handsome. lol
  • Designed for outdoor activities
    Designed for outdoor activities
    X-TRAIL's seats are waterproof / anti-sweat.
    Whether it is dirty water, seawater, or melting water of snow,
    They are a piece of cake to clean.
  • Designed for outdoor activities ②
    Designed for outdoor activities ②
    The rear seats can be flattened completely to unveil a
    very spacious and comfortable amount of storage room.
    The outward appearance of a small interior is completely 
    creates an unfathomable paradox.
    Perfect design!
  • Without moving the rear seats, there is a spacious space for storage!
    Without moving the rear seats, there is a spacious space for storage!
    Did we mention there's a lot of space?

    Spacious entrance, height and space for 3-4 peoples worth of luggage. 
    Imagine stuffing the back with golf club sets, or the bounty
    from a weekend of shopping or Japankuru merchandise... wait, was that last one
    just us?.. oops (lol)
    Anyways, indeed, a perfect SUV!
  • Insert your ETC card
    Insert your ETC card
    Different models will feature slight variations for the slot positions.
    But most are located beneath the driver's or front passenger's storage box.
    Just look around and you'll see the card slot!
  • Navigation via
    Navigation via "phone number"
    Although inputting the address is also very convenient,
    the most accurate and fastest way is to use the "phone number."

    Since we have already input most of the numbers!!!
    Start navigation!!! LET'S GO!!
  • Japan's highway toll gates
    Japan's highway toll gates
    ETC channels are purple; common channels are green. 
    If you use ETC, you can pass through the gate while rolling
    along at 20km/hour.
    If you don't have the card, no worries,
    just pull up, stop, and pay by cash!!!
    No problem!
  • Direct payment are OK
    Direct payment are OK
    The benefit of having an ETC card, aside from not stopping at
    the gate is definitely not having to carry a lot of coins.
    But the fresh experience of directly paying tolls could be a good experience as well
    Don't forget to say "Thanks" to the staff at the gate!
    (Thanks in Japanese is pronounced Ah-re-gah-toe~)
  • Highway Service Area fun
    Highway Service Area fun
    Another good experience on the road will be to pay a
    visit to highway Service Area. There are even travelers who
    love visiting all service areas throughout Japan!
    With a variety of specialties and various souvenirs are available
    Time flies!!!
    (Don't forget we have a long journey ahead!)

"Hoto" How does it taste ?

We had heard that Chinese monks brought it over it to Japan a long time ago.
Around the time of generals of Warring States (Sengoku) era,
"Takeda Shingen" was used as the main food supply!!!
That's why this has become such a famous dish in in the Koshu area of Yamanashi!

Stewed soup with pumpkin and veggies,
together with the chewy noodles
This is hotto!

Recommended menu: pumpkin hoto  1,150 yen
  • Fuji Sengen Shrine
    Fuji Sengen Shrine
    Built in 705 AD, this five-story pagoda 
    Is best known as the best and holiest view of Mount. Fuji!!

    Oh snaps! We aren't very lucky today! Cloudy, bummer...
  • Free parking?
    Free parking?
    There's actually a small parking lot by the the Temple
    So no worries if you're coming by car. 
    Come on!! All of our JAPANKURU's buddies!!!
    Come out here for some fresh air and to take some memorial shots!!!

    <Fuji Sengen Shrine Information>
    Address: 3353 Niikura, Fuji- Yoshida, Yamanashi 
    Tel: 0555-23-2001

    Click for Google map

Ready for camping ~! !

Oh the joys of buying stuff for a camping trip!
But this time, our main purpose is to enjoy the beauty of nature
So we'll stick with the bare minimum to make it true suvival.

Water and... liquor! (yeah that's right!)
Charcoal and firewood for BBQ!
Vegetables and meat ... and instant noodles for emergency!
No hesitation!!!
And mosquito coils!

Lake Shoji camp cottage

Although Lake Shoji is the smallest one among the Five Lakes,
it has the most beautiful scenery!!
Front row seats to Mt. Fuji.
Just 800 yen per person to enjoy this fantastic scenery!!

<Lake Shoji camp cottage homepage (Japanese)>

Click for Google map
  • Photographer's Paradise
    Photographer's Paradise
    Because the Lake Shoji is narrow and you can see Mt. Fuji from it,
    it has attracted many photographers to record it's majesty.
    In Japan, Mount Fuji reflected on the lake is called "Reverse Fuji"
    This is a rare spectacle to see!!
    Good luck!!!
  • Fantastic Mountain
    Fantastic Mountain
    If the weather is good enough, you can get the same view as above
    even at midnight. Can you imagine it??? Mt. Fuji, set amidst the stars.
    Mt. Fuji, what a holy mountain!!!
  • Priceless!
    A great time around a fire with some close friends, sharing
    memories from back in the days. Not all things can be
    bought with money!

    Set the fire, stay relaxed. A temporary escape from the real 
    world. Am I playing the guitar, or is the guitar playing us? lol
    Anyways, for now let's just enjoy.
  • Getting hungryyyyy
    Getting hungryyyyy
    Almost professionally grilled with charcoal firewood.
    Punchi Puchi (wood burning sound) is so melodic.
    It's not all you can eat, but every last bit will be gone by tonight!
  • Easy BBQ Fried Noodles
    Easy BBQ Fried Noodles
    We're sure glad we didn't forget to throw a noodles pack into the 
    shopping basket! Appreciated!
    Got it!! Noodles are a must-have item during camping excursions.
  • Bright and shiny sky!
    Bright and shiny sky!
    Camping out under the stars, fire wood burning and crackling,
    a cool breeze wrapping around you and filling your lungs with 
    fresh air.

    Mental image set.
  • A dazzling morning
    A dazzling morning
    Welcome another morning next to your rent-a-car!!
    What incredible weather!!
    Let's move on to the next destination!
  • Fujiyama Hot Spring
    Fujiyama Hot Spring
    Morning shower person? Well mosey on down to the
    Fujiyama hot springs near Lake Kawaguchi and Fujikyu
    Highland. Ah so fresh and so clean!

    Address: Nishihara 4-1524, Fuji-Yoshida, Yamanashi City
    Hours: Morning bath 8:30 ~ (Adult 620 yen / Child 310 yen)
    Tel: 0555-22-1126

     Click to see google map

    Okay!!! Let's move on to the green tea field after hot springs. 
  • Shizuoka Green tea field.
    Shizuoka Green tea field.
    Although we've been longing to see this green tea field,
    unfortunately, we can't see Mt. Fuji today!!!
    However, we're glad to have this refreshing
    scenery to keep us company!
  • A beautiful green filled panorama!
  • Gotemba Premium Outlet! !
    Gotemba Premium Outlet! !
    We can't really tell you how much of a great place this is,
    but instead recommend you visit it!
    We will have chance to show you again in details!!!
    After visiting Mt. Fuji, you'll want to come back again just
    for the outlet, we guarantee (Photo Source: http://www.
  • Suruga Numazu SA (Service Area)
    Suruga Numazu SA (Service Area)
    Completed recently, a new Japanese style service area that's 
    getting very popular recently!!!

    Numazu offers amazingly delicious and now famous seafood!!
    Oh!! Remember the Sushi store in Ginza we have introduced??

Convenient rental car travel

It doesn't matter how short or how long the ttrip is
there is plenty of good times to be had and piece of
mind that nothing will go wrong with your Nissan rental.

Also, when you do decide to rent a car,
we highly recommend the X-TRAIL!!

Nissan RENT A CAR (English)

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