Chiba's Attractions! Shirahama Flower Park

Kanto Tour Sightseeing 2019.08.31
Shirahama Flower Park is registered as a national park in the Minamiboso area. See the colorful flowers of Chiba.
There is this famous flower park in Chiba. It's called the Shirahama Flower Park!
They have different events going on depending on the season as well at this park, so check it out!
  • This is the entrance to the flower park! 
    Business hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.
    Admission is 420 yen for adults.
  • In spring, red and yellow rapeseed blossoms are in full bloom! Yellow ones especially are a symbol of Chiba.
  • This place is really photogenic.
  • This is apparently is a banana flower. Has anyone seen one before?
  • In addition to the beautiful flowers, there is a footbath as well.
    After all, it is Japan of hot springs! They have hot springs everywhere :)
  • Flowers here are also for sale and at a very cheap price as well! So if you live in Japan you can come here to get some.

    That was Shirahama Flower Park!

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