Have fun at the Momochi Beach (Momochihama) in Fukuoka!

Kyushu Tour Momochi beach 2019.09.04
Staying in Fukuoka? Have you been to this beach yet?
Located within Fukuoka city, Momochihama is only approximately half an hour away from Hakata station.
Momochi Seaside Park is an artificial beach. It is a place that once held the Asia Pacific Exhibition in 1989.
  • If you're using a bus, hop-off at one of the stops at the Fukuoka tower.
    Walk towards the Tower and you will find Momochi Beach right ahead of it.
  • The building in the picture is a popular wedding venue called "Ocean & Resort MARIZON".
    Also a famous photo spot.
  • Enjoy the view while the sun goes down... Have a relaxing evening.
  • It seems like tourists are also starting to recognise this area as a nice holiday destination.
  • There are also shops like this along the beach. This one, in particular, sells coconut cocktails and other soft drinks made of coconut water.
    Nice summery drinks!
  • The famous Fukuoka Tower is right infront of the beach as well.
    See the great ocean view from the top of the tower after your lovely walk.

    Just a little note on the tickets to the top of the tower.
    800 yen for adults and 500 yen for children around the age of 6 to 14.
    200 yen for Children above 4 years old.
    If you're 65 or above, your eligible for a 720 yen entry ticket.

    Check out here for further details about the tower.

    Enjoy your stay in Fukuoka! : )
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