A Day Around the Beautiful Kouri Island!

Okinawa Tour Kouri island 2019.08.23
Located on the North East Coast of Okinawa, Kouri Island is a small but breathtaking island that is only 8km long and takes around 15 minutes to drive around! But while it takes a short while to drive around, it has enough charms to keep you busy for a whole day!
Ever Heard of Kouri Island?

An azure sea, abundant nature, Beautiful starry sky, warm local residents. Tradition, history, culture. A miracle island that has all the charms of Okinawa - Kouri Island.

Kouri Island is located on the north coast of Okinawa, and the 1,560-meter-long Kouri Bridge connects the island to the mainland.
The island is only 8 kilometers in circumference and can be circled in just 15 minutes by car. But this little  island has a lot of charm, enough to keep you for a whole day!

How to arrange a romantic one-day trip to Kouri Island, which is known as the "Island of Love"?
Crossing to a marvellous new world - Going across the Kouri Bridge!
Departure from 10:00AM!

1 Kouri Ocean Tower

2 Shrimp Wagon

3 Heart Rock & Tokei Bay

4 Chigune Bay/ Adam and Eve Rock

5 Muranochaya (Mura Cafe) 

6 Kouri Beach / Kouri Night Festival
  • A Full Map of the Romantic Tour of Kouri Island
①Kouri Ocean Tower
First stop: Kouri Ocean Tower
A white observation tower with an altitude of 82m where you can see a 180-degree view of the sea. Here you can try and see the vast amount of different blues in the surrounding perfect ocean. 

There is also a shell exhibition hall and a sea view restaurant in the tower, and a bell that you can ring on the roof deck to bring happiness!
Kouri Ocean Tower
Opening hours:9:00 – 18:00
(Last entry 17:30. In summer time it is possible to enter until 18:00)
Holidays:open all year round (temporary closure in case of typhoon or other bad weather)
Parking lot:140 spaces (No.1, No.2, No.3) 
*There are 10 parking spaces available for buses
Address:538 Kouri, Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture
E-mail address: kouri-info@kouri-oceantower.com
②Shrimp Wagon
Second stop: Shrimp Wagon

This super popular shrimp and shrimp rice place is somewhere on Kouri Island that you need to go to!
The succulent shrimp are served with garlic rice, which will make your mouth water as soon as you get just a little bit close to this this shop.

Shop Name: Shrimp Wagon Yanbaru Kitchen
Address: 436-1, Kouri, Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan.
Open hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-17:00
Tel: 0980-56-1242
Payment: Cash
Parking: Free of charge
③Heart Rock & Tokei Bay
Third stop: Heart Rock & Tokei Bay

After being made famous by JAL Japan Airlines and a Japanese idol group filming at the location, this beautiful hidden place became an instantly famous attraction. This part of the island and its two heart-shaped rocks are the main attractions of the island at the current moment.

Heart-shaped rock & トケイ浜
Address / 2371 Kouri, Nakijin, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0406
  • Heart Rock
Also, if you not a big fan of crowds, we recommend you to go to the nearby Tokei Bay Beach, which is in the northernmost part of Kouri Island.
The shells and reefs form a soft sandy beach, and as you walk it will feel like you're floating on air. There are also naturally formed portholes that you can look out and view the ocean!



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④ Chigune Bay/ Adam and Eve Rock
Fourth stop: Chigunu Bay チグヌ浜

This bay is a place that not many tourists will come but is well known with the locals. A legend similar to the Adam and Eve story can be found about this location. The origin of the Okinawa Ryukyu people can be said to have started from here. The mysterious cave is called the "Cave of Origins".
Because there is no parking lot here, it is recommended to park your car at Kouri Beach and then walk here.
⑤ Muranochaya (Mura Cafe)
Fifth stop: Mura Cafe むらの茶屋

You can't miss the fresh sea urchins when you come to Kouri Island!
Although the cafe is not on the beach, the advantage of being at such a height means you can overlook the entire Kouri Island Bridge from the window.
Of course, sea urchins there are also fresh! Those who dare not eat sea urchins, can also choose Okinawan food thats found there.
Beautiful scenery with food, is there anything more healing than this?

Business hours / 11:00 ~ 18:00
Address/1087 Kouri, Nakijin, Kunigami District, Okinawa 905-0406
⑥Kouri Beach・Kouri Island Night Festival
Last stop: Kouri Beach / Kouri Island Night Festival

After having your fill on amazing seafood, the twilight will start to rise, bringing an end to the day.
So what other way to finish the day is there, other than going to Kouri Beach next to the Kouri Bridge to watch the Sunset. 
The welcoming white sands and soothing soft waves that crash gently on the beach create a sense of time stopping still, bringing an amazing day to a close.
  • A perfect sunset to end the day

As the night gets darker, there is still time for a few more things. Look up to the starry sky, and feel the summer breeze, and see the clearest night sky you probably would ever see. This island is truly one of the most romantic places to be on!

  • Starry night sky seen on Kouri Island
Kouri Island Night Festival 2019
Beginning in the summer of 2018, a group of Okinawa university students statrted holding a night festival on Kouri Island. Since most of the tourists only travel to Kouri Island during the day, the island's night time economy has faced a big problem. Many tourist visit islands such as Kouri, however they often just stop to take pictures and then leave, with no money flowing into local economy.

Therefore, college students have independently initiated various  activities, hoping to improve the local tourism situation and let more people know the beauty of Kouri Island which the students have come to deeply love.

Okinawa College Students holding cleaning events!

In order to successfully hold the Kouri Island Night Festival 2019, with the support of the local residents and using Japankuru Funding, the students are holding a crowdfunding project to raise the funds to carry out this festival! If you are planning to travel to Okinawa, you may wish to join us!

Festival Information

Kouri Island Night Festival 2019
Date:21/9/2019 12:00~22:00
Location/Hashizume Park〒905-0406, Kouri, Nakijin, Kunigami District, Okinawa 905-0406

Learn more about Kouri Island Night Festival 2019:

Blue sky, white beaches, and pure blue oceans! Go to Kouri Island and take a magical, romantic journey!

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