Rakusuien Gardens, A Peaceful Time in The City of Hakata

Kyushu Tour Garden 2019.09.06
Even in the busy city of Hakata, you can find your quiet spot. Rakusuien Gardens is located right in the centre of Hakata close to the Hakata station.
A quiet getaway spot in the centre of the city.
Rakusuien is a Japanese garden located right up close to the busy Hakata station.
  • Rakusuien, originally was a family owned house built by a man who contributed to the improvement of the city in the old days back in 1906.
    The man's name was Zen-emon Chikamasa, Shimozawa (yes, a very long name, I know. Shimozawa is the Familyname by the way.), he and his father was a successful businessman in Hakata.

    After the war, the house was open to the public in the form of Ryokan style hotel. 
    The garden only opened in1995 after Fukuoka city took after the place.
  • You can't really tell how old the place is just by looking at the entrance.
    What you can is that it's been looked after well.
  • The wall you see on your right when you entre is called the "Hakata-bei" meaning Hakata-style wall.
    You can see broken bricks and rocks inside the wall, that shows how they were lacking resources in those days even to build a wall.

    If you look carefully, you will find similar walls around the city.
  • The gardens to your left, and to your right is a tea room.
    You can enjoy matcha after your walk on your way out, or before you start.
  • If you want to try the tea, you will need to get a ticket at the entrance to the room.

    300 yen per person for a bowl of green tea and Japanese sweets.
  • The garden is not too big so you won't be overwhelmed with all the walking.
    It's a nice size.
  • Once you're done walking around, it's time to go to have your green tea.
    Entre the Tatami rooms and you will find yourself comfortable sitting around enjoying the tea looking at the gardens.
  • Relax away from the crowd of the city and forget it for a while in this little cosy Japanese garden.

    Open hours: 9:00 - 17:00 Wednesday to Monday
    Entry Fees: 100 yen for Adults, 50 yen for children. Free for children below 6.
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