The SCMaglev and Railway Park in Nagoya

Chubu Tour Travel 2019.08.31
In line with its reputation as a city of industry and technology, the Linear/ railway museum provides a glimpse into the history, latest technology, and future of Japanese railways.

See the history and future of Japanese railway at this spot!

This SCMaglev and Railway Park is a railway museum opened in 2011 in Nagoya prefecture.
They, of course, have the Shinkansen (bullet train), the original train tracks and carriages as well as the futuristic linear motor cars all in one spot!
  • Ride the Aonami line from Nagoya station and hop off at Kinjo Futo Station.
    It takes only 2 minutes fro the station.

    Just keep in mind that it's closed every Tuesday though.
  • From children to adults who like trains will definitely enjoy this place.
    It seems like it's becoming popular amongst the tourists as well.
    They also have English audio guidance available.
  • The entrance fee for this museum is 1000 yen for adults, 500 yen for students and children from 3-5 are 200 yen.
  • You can see the C57 steam locomotives that were manufactured since 1937!
    From steam trains made in 1913 to the Shinkansens that are available now, real trains representing each era are on display.
  • You can also see the steam locomotive which recorded the world's highest speed at 129km/h in 1954 and the Shinkansen 'Linear' which updated the world record at 581km/h in 2003. 
    See how railway technology has developed over the past 50 years.
  • This is a place where you can try the driving simulator.
    You can drive with a control panel and video that reproduces the cockpit that is actually being used.
    When you get on and off, you can do just like all the train drivers do, check the safety around the train and then open the door and make an announcement in the car.

    However, these simulators are so popular, only those who win the lottery ticket, which is attached to the guide map that you receive at entry, can apply for a test ride.

    - Conventional driving simulation for 10 minutes at 100 yen
    - Driver simulation for 15 minutes at 500 yen
    - Shinkansen driving simulator for 15 minutes at 500 yen
  • This is how the Shinkansen driving experience corner looks like. What a huge screen!
    This place is also famous for all the different experiences you can get with the simulators.
  • Located on the first floor of the exhibition hall, there is also a Railway miniature display space, offering the finest railway miniatures in Japan, including the cityscape recreated from Nagoya and Tokyo and the Shinkansen actually running inside it.
  • There is also a Kids Corner on the second floor of the exhibition hall.
    It is a toy and facility that resembles a train like a railway museum, so even children who don't know the trains can have fun!
  • Nagoya also has Lego Land, themed park of Lego blocks!
    The linear and railway park is close to Legoland, only 12 minutes on foot.

    Official Websites of the railway park and Lego Land

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