Relax by the Lake: An Ancient Village With a View of Mount Fuji 【Iyashinosato Nenba】

Chubu Tour Relaxation 2019.09.06
An ancient village that was once destroyed by a typhoon by the lake of Saiko in Yamanashi prefecture has been rebuilt in 2006. Relax and enjoy your time in a village rich in history and culture.

Beautiful small town, Iyashino Sato

This small town with a very close view of Mt.Fuji has once been heavily damaged by a typhoon in 1966.

Almost after 40 years had passed, the local people were finally able to get their hands on on rebuilding this village. It took approximately 3 years to get the village restored in its nearly original form.

Take a tour of Iyashino Sato, a traditional village where you can experience the history and culture right beside Mount Fuji.
  • This village is closely located to a lake called Saiko, a lake that's next to Kawaguchiko.
    Enjoy the scenery of the village and Mount Fuji in one sight.  Beautiful place to visit at anytime during the year, but particularly when there's snow on the roof of the houses. That's when you see the beautiful morning sun shining above the village.
  • Seasonal photos of the village show how seasons are vibrant in the village.
    The blooming cherry blossoms, green summer leaves, the foliage, and the snow.
    All are very beautiful.
  • Another thing to look forward to is the meals there.
    The simple traditional style foods you can eat there might even remind you how life is filled with joy and great things.
  • The fireplace you see in the photo is called an Irori 【囲炉裏:いろり】.
    Keep yourself warm by the Irori and enjoy your time just relaxing.
  • One of the interesting objects you will find here is this one here.
    There are 3,776 little dolls in the shape of Mount Fuji.

    People have made this to prayer for Mount Fuji to be nominated as a World Heritage, and now it is.

    By the way, Did you just think, "Why are there 3,776 of them?", "That's not even a round number"
    What's got to do with that number?? Well, it's Mount Fuji...
  • There are also a variety of souvenirs that you can buy there.
    A lot of cute items!
  • There's even a place where you can try all those traditional Japanese clothings and wears as well.
    Details about the rental can be found here. (Somewhere in the middle of the page, you will find English information.)
  • Hope you enjoy the beautiful seasonal sceneries here!

    Let us know if you've been here, and if you have, how did you think about the place?

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