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Did you know that many of the major transports in Japan offer special deals for visitors from overseas? Japan Airlines offer great deals for domestic flights within Japan just for overseas visitors as well. Here's a quick overview of what you might want to know about.

A domestic flight from 5,500 yen a flight!?

Who qualifies to purchase these tickets?

- "Only individuals residing outside of Japan with an international air ticket to and from Japan are eligible to purchase JAL Japan Explorer Pass Fares."

- "Reservation and purchase of domestic flight sectors must be completed through the JAL website."

Full description here on the official website.
The 5,500 yen Tickets
- Trips within Hokkaido
- Trips from and to the Tohoku region
The 7,700 yen Tickets
Trips from Tokyo to Osaka and other way around.
Trips from Tokyo to Nanki-Shirahama and other way around. 
Trips from Okinawa main island to outlying islands and other way around.
The 10,800 yen Tickets
All other trips that are applicable.
Just like any other tickets, there are terms and conditions.
Please refer to their official website and scroll down to see the full Terms & Conditions.
They specify in detail about "Eligibility", "Discounts", "Reservations" and other important details.

Make sure you check this out before you plan your next trip to Japan and get the most out of your stay!

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