See The Local Cats And Enjoy The Streets At Yanaka Ginza, Nippori

Tokyo Tour Yanaka 2019.09.30
Let us take you on a trip to see the small town of cats.

Looking for a more traditional local style in Japan

This place in Nippori is a highly recommended destination for your next travell.
The location is convenient enough you can catch a single train from Narita airport to there.
  • Out of the west exit of the station and you will soon find this place.
  • You will be seeing cats all over this place. Even in front of a shop.
  • You will find lots of shops related to cats as well.
    Like this one here, they sell stamps with your name on it with a cute cat designed on it.
  • This place sells T-shirts with cat designed prints and even hoodies with cat ears on it. 
  • You will see cats everywhere here in Yanaka Ginza. Real ones, cartoon ones, pictures and carvings, and many other kinds.
  • You will also find a lot of buildings with different themed decors as well. Some more traditional, whereas some keep the tradition with a different approach.
  • Even found an Omikuji (lucky draw) vending machine. Normally these are available at a shrine, and this one is written in four languages.
  • Himitsudo, shaved ice shop always has a long queue in front of their shop. 
    haven't tried shaved ice in Japan yet? take a look at our previous article on Kakigori to see what it's like.
  • There are also soft serves as well. This place here has original milk flavour and Kabosu, a Japanese citrus, flavour.
  • Here in Nippori, and the Yanaka Ginza area, there are lots of things to see and food to try.


Cute guardians

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There are lot's of cats and cat-related objects to see here as well.
What is your favorite?

The cats, or the scenery?

Or all in one?

Come and see Yanaka Ginza and enjoy it your way!
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