☙ Fall Foliage 2019 ❧ Okinawa - No Foliage in Okinawa? Take a Trip Down to The Islands of Zamami

Okinawa Tour Autumn 2019.10.15
Autumn is coming to the northern hemisphere, and in Japan that means it's time for koyo (紅葉), or fall foliage viewing! Every year crowds around the country flock to the most beautiful spots to see the seasons change, and the leaves shift from green to red. With amazing weather and colorful scenery, it's a great time to explore Japan. To be specific, there are no exact foliage season for this region of Japan because of the tropical climate. however, there are some places in the area where you can enjoy the arrival of autumn.

Heard of autumn foliage in Okinawa? Neither have we

The right climate for the leaves to change their colours is the cold dry air, which does not exist in Okinawa.
Even during December, Okinawa's temperature in the day doesn't drop below 20 degrees Celcius, and even the nights are not cold enough.
  • So, how do they have foliage season?
    So, how do they have foliage season?
    Until recent, we also didn't know that you can see the foliage in Okinawa.
    It turns out that only in specific areas you can see the colours of autumn, and that is the Zamami island and the Kerama islands.

    Towards the end of summer, the leaves of the Japanese wax trees turn bright red just like other maples and ginkgo trees. However, it is not the whole tree that turns red, so you won't have that spectacular colours as you would in other places.
  • What other ways are there to feel autumn in Okinawa?
    What other ways are there to feel autumn in Okinawa?
    As some already may know, Okinawa is known for its beautiful blue sky and the oceans that surround the islands.

    According to the people in Okinawa, they can tell that winter is on its way by the changes in those big fluffy white summer clouds and the difference in the sea breeze.

    That is something that you don't get in other parts of Japan.

What else to see in Okinawa in autumn.

  • How about some seasonal foods and souvenirs?
  • Like these sweet potato tarts,  you can find seasonal sweets around Okinawa.
  • Explore the culture of the "Ryukyu Kingdom" with its unique history, clothing, and other traditions.
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