Where to Get Access to InternetAround Japan: Wifi and Hotspots

Tokyo Tour Japan 2019.10.15
Having troubles finding a way to connect to the internet in Japan? Here is a list of places where you might be able to find internet access either through wifi or by cable.

Having trouble in Japan looking for access to the internet?

Here is a list of places you can try for internet access around Japan.


Your first free Wi-Fi in Japan.
When you land in any of the major airports in Japan check for their free Wi-Fi services.

Airports like the following offer these services.
Hokkaido Region: New Chitose Airport
Tokyo Region: Narita or Haneda 
Chubu Region: Chubu Centrair International
Kansai Region: Kansai International,
Kyushu Region: Fukuoka Airport
Okinawa: Naha Airport

Public Transports

Public transports like the following also offer free Wi-Fi as well.

JR East and JR West
Toei Transportation (Buses in Tokyo and Metro Subway lines)
Hankyu Railways

Hotels/ Hostels and other accomodations

Many of the accommodations around Japan do offer free Wi-Fi access for guests.
Ask the concierge desk at the hotel you are staying at or at the counter of any accommodations that you are staying at for the details.

Convenient stores and Cafes

Some convenient stores with eat-in spaces may have free Wi-Fi and some chain cafes and private-owned cafes may also have them for users.
Ask the staff when you are purchasing something for the Wi-Fi details.

Other Public Wi-Fi

Some cities in Japan offer free Wi-Fi access for visitors.

Sapporo: Sapporo City Wi-Fi
Kyoto: KYOTO Wi-Fi
Osaka: Osaka Free Wi-Fi
Fukuoka: FUKUOKA CITY Wi-Fi Translated by YokaNavi (Fukuoka city Official Website in Japanese)

There is also a huge list of other free Wi-Fi offered across Japan provided by NTT here.

Emergency Free Wi-Fi Service- 00000JAPAN

Last, but the most important

When in any emergency situation, the three communications companies in Japan releases free wifi for everyone in Japan in the affected areas.

Look for the network named "00000Japan" (that is five zeros followed by Japan) on your phone or any device that can connect to Wi-Fi.

*This service is only available in the situations of a disaster.

Check out the YouTube video below by Wireless LAN Business Promotion Association.
We hope you find this convenient for your stay in Japan.
Welcome, and enjoy your stay!

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