The Curious Industrial Beauty of Kawasaki Port's Nightscapes

Kanto Tour Kawasaki 2019.11.29
We all know that Japan is home to gorgeous temples and scenic nature, but a trip to Kawasaki (not far from Tokyo) will show you a more unusual side to the country's beauty.
  • How to enjoy Kawasaki after dark
    How to enjoy Kawasaki after dark
    Kawasaki in Kanagawa is famous for the industrial area around its port.

    The factory nightscapes are famously photogenic locations in Japan, and the city of Kawasaki has lots to see as well. There's Yomiuriland, Fujiko F Fujio Museum, and even an open-air museum where you can see all the different historical houses of Japan in one location, called Nihon Minka-en. If you like Japanese temples and shrines, there is also Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple as well.

    But after a full schedule touring the city's daytime attractions, once the sun goes down, that's when it's time to see some of Kawasaki's most spectacular sights.
  • Head out on a night cruise under the stars. Kawasaki is known for the views of its industrial districts, and there are even cruises that take you to the best spots to see them. It's like something out of a sci-fi movie.
  • What makes this view so popular?
    What makes this view so popular?
    In this particular industrial district, after the sun goes down, many of the factories light up to continue their operations. Of course, just thanking the lighting itself is maybe too simple of an answer. Take a look at these facilities, and you can tell that the architecture, structural form, and construction of each factory is different. The alignment of the pipes and silos creates vast, graceful shapes, making the factories simultaneously functional and elegant.

    That's what gives it that architectural beauty.
  • The night cruises operate mainly on Saturdays, and the gathering point is in front of the Nikko Hotel, just outside of Kawasaki Station's east exit. You can take a bus from there to the cruise's boarding dock.

    March to September - Meet at 18:20, bus at 18:30.
    October to February - Meet at 17:20, bus at 17:30. 

    Adults 4,000 yen | Children 3,000 yen
    Tickets available online at Tabi-One.
  • With the cruise venturing out to look at the industrial buildings of Kawasaki Port, there isn't much chance to snack on board, despite it being dinner time. For travelers looking to fill their stomachs before heading out onto the water, Hono-Bono Yokocho is conveniently close by.

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