Let's go to Chichibu! Kitty Express and Stamp Rally with Seibu Railway!!

Kanto Tour 2016.02.03
Chichibu (秩父) is lucking out with an amazing new train service! We recently attended a surprise event featuring a train with none other than the mighty Hello Kitty.

Let's Start the Stamp Rally Tour

Limited time offer: Chichibu Stamp Rally
In a Seibu Railway train wrapped in Hello Kitty, take your chance to participate in the Chichibu Stamp Rally!
1. Get your Hello Kitty stamp book at the tourist information
center of the Seibu Ikebukuro Station.
2. Yes, You can get your first stamp here!
3. Go to Chichibu  (Express: 1 hour 18 minutes: 1,420 yen
reserved seats / Regular 1 hour 40 minutes: 780 yen non-
reserved seats)
4. Receive a stamp from at least 4 out of the 5 travel destinations
and you'll receive a gift.
  • Pick up your Kitty Stamp books
    Pick up your Kitty Stamp books
    Begin your journey here! Our journey begins at the very friendly Seibu Ikebukuro Tourist Information Center on the first floor of the station. Recently opened in Oct 20, 2015 it's proven to be quite useful for tourists wanting to navigate the city.

    For starters, let's grab our stamp book here!
  • The first stamp from the Tourist office, Wham!
    The first stamp from the Tourist office, Wham!
    There are several stamp locations to choose from:
    1. Ikebukuro Seibu Tourist Information Office (required)
    2. Seibu Chichibu station
    3. At the Icicles of Ashigakubo: 180 yen entry fee.
    4. Chcihibu Shrine
    5. Strawberry farm at the Chichibu Fruit Farm (1 of 5 locations)
  • Amazing service
    Amazing service
    Because the stamp at the tourist center is required why not enjoy the company of the very helpful Tourist Information Staff? All the staff members are bilingual and on any given day can provide support and many different languanges. Also free WI-FI is available for patrons of the center.^^

Ikebukuro to Chichibu

Basic fare:
<Express (急 行)> Seibu Ikebukuro Line <Express Rapid (快速 急 行)> → 'Seibu Chichibu (西武 秩 父)' Station
780 yen (base fare)

Seibu Ikebukuro Line <Special express (特急)> → 'Seibu Chichibu (西武 秩 父)' Station
780 yen (base fare) +640 yen (reserved seat rate) = 1420 yen
(* Children are half price)
(* The Kitty themed train is limited to the express trains.)
※ The Kitty themed train is operated irregularly so there is no guarantee you can ride in it. Plan accordingly in advance! > _ <

  • The Whole train is really wrapped in Hello Kitty
    The Whole train is really wrapped in Hello Kitty
    All train cars have been specially decorated using Hello Kitty themed designs. Kitty here, Kitty there, Kitty everywhere! >. '< ' Seeing this much cute-ness on the train has the power to bring a grown man to tears (trust us, we've seen it during our trip).
  • The Kitty themed trains are limited to the express trains and they are operated irregularly so there is no guarantee you can ride in it. Plan accordingly in advance! > _ <
  • Hello Kitty Accents
    Hello Kitty Accents

    2016 Hello Kitty meets Chichibu Stamp Rally runs from Jan.16, 2016 to Mar. 27, 2016. During that time you you'll have plenty of chances to ride this fascinating train and pose for photos with Hello Kitty.

2 Stamps down!

Each location features an important aspect of the town of Chichibu. By participating in this rally you'll actually be gaining a better understanding of the town of Chichibu and it's surrounding areas. You'll find your second stamp at Chichibu Seibu station! From the station you have access to the remaining checkpoints.

1. Seibu Ikebukuro Station on the first floor tourist office  (Completed!)
2. The front gates of Chichibu's Seibu station (Completed!)
3. The Icicles of Ashigakubo
4. Souvenir shop at Chichibu Shrine
5. Chichibu strawberry farm (one of the five places) 

Hello Kitty's Signature Ribbon?

Built into the Nakamise Street area is a Kitty themed O-mikuji experience! For the people who are lucky enough to pull good fortunes, they can hang their good fortune notes on the board in the hopes that it'll come true. However it is possible to pull a bad fortune as well! To make sure it doesn't come true just get ride of it.

  • Checkpoint Strawberry farming!
    Checkpoint Strawberry farming!
    At these strawberry farms you can enjoy all the strawberrries you can eat!

    Kinoko Chaya inside Ashigakubo orchard park in ;  Address : 405 Ashigakubo, Yokozemachi
    Phone : 0494 - 24 - 5099 ; Hours:10:00am 〜1500※ Last entry:14:30

    Fukushima Strawberry Farm : address : 2145 Terao, Chichibu-shi
    Phone : 0494-23-9054 ; Hours: 09:00〜16:00※ Last entry 16:00
  • For the love of strawberries
    For the love of strawberries
    Chichibu Fruits Farm ; Address : 877-1 Shimokagemori, Chichibu-shi
    Phone : 0494 -23- 2711 ; Hours: 10:00am 〜1500※ Last entry:14:30

    Wado Farm ; Address : 457-3 Kuroya, Chichbu-shi
    Phone : 2504-94-4733 ; Hours: 09:00〜18:00※ Until the sun goes down.
  • Enjoying BBQ and strawberries
    Enjoying BBQ and strawberries
    Kommatsuzawa Leisure Farm ; Address : 1408 Yokoze, Yokozemachi
    Phone : 0494 -24-0412 ; Hours: 10:00am 〜1500※ Last entry:14:30

    If you pay a visit to the Kommatsuzawa Leisure Farm, after downing all we can eat of the delicious strawberries we decided to enjoy some fresh barbecue. Hopefully you'll still have room left in your stomachs after all the strawberries...

Bang Bang! Two more stamps to go!

To discourage cheaters who might press the stamp 4 times and get their prize each checkpoint has it's own creative stamp showing Hello Kitty in various positions. Every place presents it's own unique challenges and adventure for those willing to take in the experience. Luckily we can enjoy these creative stamps of Hello Kitty doing such cute things!
  • Unique interface
    Unique interface
    Set amidst beautiful grounds, and a clean shrine, you'll find a souvenir shop inside of Chichibu Shrine. This souvenir shop has got an interesting machine to show off. Ever try purikura?
  • Another level of Hello Kitty Sharing
    Another level of Hello Kitty Sharing
    The requirements for using this machine you may be wondering... none whatsoever! Just a person willing
     to take a selfie! After shooting your pics, you'll have the chance to decorate them just like purikura!
  • Free prints on site!
    Free prints on site!
    (Share Camera)
    Tokorozawa Souvenir shop inside Chichibu Shrine:
    Installation period: 2016.01.16〜2016.03.27
     Hours: 07:00〜21:00
  • Mission Complete: Congratulations!
    Mission Complete: Congratulations!
    After stamping your way all the way back to Seibu Chichibu station with a completed form you can now get your prize! But what lies inside the box?

    Google Maps

    For more information:

  • Ta-DAH!
    Beautiful isn't it? After all your trouble of collecting stamps you will receive this collectable Hello Kitty themed pin certifying you've completed the Hello Kitty Stamp Rally!

    However, technically we've only gotten 4 out of the 5 stamps...Perhaps we should go ahead and try to get the 5th stamp?
Basic Info
NameHello Kitty Chichibu Stamp Rally
Address1 Chome-1-25 Nishiikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tōkyō-to 171-8512
StationIkebukuro Station
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