Fukushima - Aizu Wakamatsu - A Cup of Chilled Matcha at Rinkaku

Tohoku Tour Seeyousoonjapan 2020.04.23
Sooth your soul with a glimpse of some of Japan's most beautiful scenery, like the calm paths around Rinkaku Tea House. #SeeYouSoonJapan

Rinkaku Tea House, Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima

Rinkaku tea house is in a small garden, within the castle walls of Tsuruga Castle (also called Aizu Wakamatsu Castle). Steeped in Japanese tea ceremony history, this carefully tended garden and the buildings inside have a history starting way back in the 1500s, including a whole 120 years kept inside the castle for safekeeping. Nowadays, it's worth stepping into during any visit to the castle, if not just for a chance to sip matcha (hot or cold!) and enjoy the placid garden atmosphere.
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