Tokyo Tower Has Reopened, But Only for Those Who Want to Climb

Tokyo Tour Socialdistancing 2020.05.31
Reopened May 28th, Tokyo Tower is taking the health of all visitors into account, in more ways than one.
  • Tokyo Tower may no longer be the tallest structure in Tokyo (after being usurped by Tokyo Skytree), but it's still an icon in Japan. It even has its own emoji! (🗼 This isn't the Eiffel Tower, it's the one in Tokyo!) And when the COVID-19 state of emergency finally came to an end in Tokyo on the 25th, Tokyo Tower quickly announced that it would again welcome guests who wanted to visit the tower, beginning May 28th. (You can see more reopening updates on our info page, here.)

    Of course, while many facilities reopening around Japan have been stressing their new policies, put in place to avoid spreading coronavirus infection, Tokyo Tower's plan is quite unique. The new policy that's been turning heads is...

Get Yourself to the Observatory by Climbing the Stairs!

All... of the Stairs

According to official Tokyo Tower announcements, their new infection-prevention plan for the time being is to request that all visitors who wish to visit the observatory do so via the tower's open-air staircase. While the elderly and those with disabilities will be allowed to use the elevator in limited groups of five people max, having crowds stand together in the cramped space significantly increases the chances of the virus spreading, so everyone who's able will be directed towards the Tokyo Tower staircase. The 150m (492ft) staircase. As a further safety measure, even the Tokyo Tower observation deck will have clearly marked observation spaces spread 2m (6ft) apart.
Tokyo Tower's announcement brought on quite a response from Japanese Twitter users, who immediately jumped in to compare climbing the stares to storming the Shinra Building in Final Fantasy VII, and Crayon Shin-chan's own trip up the very same tower. One netizen even posted pictures from their own past trip up the Tokyo Tower... while cosplaying and dressed in a full-body costume of Osaka's Tower of the Sun. Another Twitter user, a Japanese competitive "stair climber," explained how he had really been looking forward to the reopening, and it was especially exciting because "these steps are normally only open on weekends; if they're always open, I'll definitely pay to go climb them every day."

Good Views and Good Health from Tokyo Tower

Not only is it a prudent move to have all visitors stick to the open-air stairs, where infection is much less likely to spread, but Tokyo Tower is also getting peoples' heart rates up and working out those leg muscles. Especially after social distancing, working from home, and generally staying in the house as much as possible for months, the 600-step climb up Tokyo Tower is a great chance for cooped up Tokyo residents to get a little fresh air and a little exercise. Reaching the observation deck, visitors are rewarded with a great view, and an even better sense of accomplishment.

If you're thinking of visiting, just remember that you have to take the steps down, too!
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