The Most Romantic Train Ride in the World "Tadami Line"

Tohoku Tour 2016.03.16
Beautiful romantic train views in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ...
  • Winter Travel via the Tadami Line
    Winter Travel via the Tadami Line
    This story is going to focus on the train journey, but there are many places to see along the way so we'll give you some recommendations as well! ^^ It's not very often that you get an opportunity such as this for winter travel so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
  • Tadami Line
    Tadami Line
    Operated by  the JR East Japan Railway Company, The Tadami Line connects Aizu-Wakamatsu Station in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima to Koide Station in Uonuma, Niigata. Spanning 37 stations, the route has been run since 1942 with a total length of about 135km.
  • Beautiful romantic train views
    Beautiful romantic train views
    A photo can only convey so much and these photos barely do justice, showing the unexplainable beauty that exists in these locales. Although this time we are catching a glimpse of the winter wonderland, don't forget that colors of spring and lush greens of the summer are right around the corner.
  • Planning the best route
    Planning the best route
    There are many options to navigate your way to the Tadami Line from Tokyo, but most routes consist of boarding the Tohoku Shinkansen at JR Tokyo Station and making your way to Koriyama Station. Transferring to the Ban-Etsusai line at Koriyama Station towards
    Aizuwakamatsu Station. Then you can transfer to the Tadami line at Aizuwakamatsu Station and ride all the way to Tadami.
    More information:
  • Alternative Routes
    Alternative Routes
    Alternate bus timetable of the damaged sections of the Tadami Line..
    - Those seeking hot springs can get off at Aizu-Oshio
    - Others can get off at Tadami Station
  • Taste the enjoyment of endless travel
    Taste the enjoyment of endless travel
    The Tadami Line offers the beauty of a true course through along with taking pictures you'll find yourself using up your phones batteries trying to capture all you see before you. According to comments on such social media it's known as "the most romantic railway in the world"
  • All you can eat at Kaachan no Mamma-ya (母ちゃんのまんまや)
    All you can eat at Kaachan no Mamma-ya (母ちゃんのまんまや)
    Enjoy some fresh homemade cooking! In the small countryside village, you can find a place that provides an easy and affordable buffet lunch. Don't let the appearance fool you though, the meal is extremely delicious and made up of 5 star dishes.
  • Kiyoshi Saito Art Museum
    Kiyoshi Saito Art Museum
    Hours:9:00 to 17:00 (admission until16:30, closed on Mondays,Tuesdays if a national holiday)
    Admission: General -- 510 yen, student -- 300 yen
    About a 20-minute walk from Aizu-Yanaizu Station
  • Interesting Akabeko making experience
    Interesting Akabeko making experience
    Located next to the museum it's possible to take part in an Akabeko making experience. Try your best to design your own unique version using a red based model of the famous souvenir.
  • Natural carbonated water ... actually exists here on this Earth ...?
    Natural carbonated water ... actually exists here on this Earth ...?
    Apparently here in Aizu-Oshio Kanayama-cho you'll find natural existing carbonated water. You can also enter the hot springs with carbonated water. The small natural carbonic acid bubbles work well to heal the whole tired body and also removes waste. 
  • Easy five-star Lodging
    Easy five-star Lodging
    Hands down five star experience staying at an inn near the station where you can enjoy a simple kind of life similar to the old days in Japan. Directly in front of the Tadami Station, the Minshuku Tadamiso  cannot be missed when passing by it.
  • Winter sports near a shrine?
    Winter sports near a shrine?
    Lovely Tadami ski resort about a 5-minute drive from  the inn (Tadami-ski). Ski, snowboard, go snowshoeing or  try out the banana boat, you can enjoy a variety of snow activities. The torii in the back of the picture, according to legend, grants true love for any couple that passes through ^^
  • The Tagokura Dam
    The Tagokura Dam
    A lovely dam pitted between towering mountains and a pristine lake. God made no mistake when painting this beautiful landscape.
  • Mixed Bathing Together
    Mixed Bathing Together
    Here in Nishiyama you'll find a whole area of hot springs that are a bit aged but a still attractive. This spa houses 6 different hot springs each containing different mixtures in the water to achieve varying effects on your body.
  • The best photo spot!
    The best photo spot!
    As you can see, the journey is littered with great spots for photos so it's recommended you bring a good camera to capture all the beauty. If you'd like to see more of our journey check it out on 
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