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Kyushu Tour 2017.06.28
Convenient! Inexpensive! Safe!


It is a domestic flight in Japan.
Established in 2002, 
together with the opening of Kitakyushu Airport in 2006,
STARFLYER began the route from Kitakyushu to Tokyo Haneda.

Speaking of STARFLYER,
the most impressive part must be its cool dark black design of the flight body.
It is Japan's first black and white airplane ever, 
so no doubt it gained the an outstanding attention from public and mass media.

3 Charming Points of StarFlyer!

  • ① Excellent Airplane Design Award
    ① Excellent Airplane Design Award
    Japan as well as the world's first airplane with black body!
    Not only the flight body, 
    even the seats, screens, stewardess uniforms, paper cups,
     tickets, counters and etc. 
    All are in black series according to its original concept.
    STAYFLYER won an excellent airplane design award since 
    its first take off in 2006. 
  • ② Excellent Customer Satisfaction for eight consecutive years
    ② Excellent Customer Satisfaction for eight consecutive years
    To celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2016,
    STARFLYER also won the first prize 
    of excellent customer satisfaction for eight consecutive years!
    (According to the research of JCSI 2016 )
  • ③ Affordable Ticket Fee
    ③ Affordable Ticket Fee
    1. Tokyo (Haneda Domestic)⇔Kitakyusyu/ Fukuoka/ Yamaguchi --- JPY 9,000 per flight
    2. Tokyo(Haneda Domestic)⇔Osaka(Kansai Airport) --- JPY 7,000 per flight
    3. Nagoya(Chubu Centrair)⇔Fukuoka --- JPY 7,000 per flight

    For reservation:
    For English instruction

HOW TO ride on flights of STARFLYER?

  • Check-in counter @  Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport
    Check-in counter @ Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport
  • Check-in counter @  Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport
    Check-in counter @ Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport
※Please note that,
STARFLYER has counters at both Terminal 1 & 2 of Haneda Airport in Tokyo.
Destination: Kitakyushu Airport  >> Terminal 1
Destination: Fukuoka, Yamaguchi(Ube), Osaka (Kansai)  >>Terminal 2

※If you are flying from Fukuoka Airport to Haneda, Nagoya,
please do the check-in at ANA counter of Fukuoka Airport!

Ticket & luggage service

Most of the Low-cost airlines require extra fee for claiming luggage.
But STAYFLYER provides 20kg luggage claiming for free
and 10kg as hand-carrying luggage. 

 For hand-carrying luggage, one is limited, besides camera, umbrella, and side backpack.
 For checked luggage, number is not limited, but the total weight must not be more than 20 kg.

Security check and boarding gate

  • After checking in, passing through the security check,
     you can reach the boarding area. 
  • Mitsukoshi Haneda Store
  • Space for chargers is available.

Boarding procedure

Just scan the QR code at your boarding pass. Easy!
Most of the time, seats at the back are first boarding. Please check!

Characteristics ① Comfortable seats like VIP

  •  All leather with spacious space.
  •  Adjustable pillow
  •  Charger plug
It seems they are designed based on the concept of hotel's lobbies. 
There are 150 seats in total while in the same type of airplane, 
there are 180. 

The seats next to the emergency exits do not have the same facilities!

Characteristics ② Convenient function and facilities for travelers

  • Enjoy the audio and video entertainment function on the screen over 20 channels.
  •  Plug for charger 
  •  Plug for USB
Even it is domestic flight, 
you can still enjoy the audio and video entertainment function on the screen.

If you need a charger, you can feel free to ask the staff.

Characteristics ③  Friendly service for travelers

  • Impressive service!
    Impressive service!
    In most of the LCC airline,
    drink will charge extra fee.
    But it is free on STARFLYER!
  • If you choose Tully's coffee and chocolate of Morinaga (Carré de chocolat) comes together.
    How sweet!
    Of course, you may ask for another cup.
  • Beside coffee,
    there are pie croissant from the local bakery store of Kitakkyushu.
    Available to purchase.
    1000yen tax included
    @ box 7 pieces

After arriving Kitakyushu

Our recommendation is rental car!
Speaking of rental car,
you might choose Nissan Rental Car.

★Nissan Rental Car ~ Kitakyushu Airport Store ~
- Location: Kitakyushu Airport Arrival Hall
-6 Kukokitamachi, Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 800-0306 Japan
- Business hours: 08: 00 ~ 23: 00

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