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Tokyo Tour 2015.09.30
# Ready for the ride of your life? Convenient Travel ♪ A Tokyo LIMOTAXI Trip! A day tour with

What is a LIMOTAXI?

It is a the Japan's leading taxi company HINOMARU LIMOUSINE, provides a high-class taxi (AA grade vechicle)
which includes Luxury Service, 
in order to make it easier for foreign visitors to have a taxi sightseeing tour in Tokyo!

Our course this time~
Skytree>>Asakusa>>Akihabara>>Marunouchi(Tokyo Station)>>Ginza(Lunch)>>
Odaiba(Oedo Onsen)>>Tokyo Tower>> Omotesando>> Shinjuku

Okay!! Once again!!
Let's sum up the good points of [LIMOTAXI] Service!

1. Door-to-door service from airport-hotel-airport
2. Door-to-door service from hotel-hotel
3. Simple and easy online reservation service
4. SMILE CALL interpretation Service Available (charged) 
5. A variety of vehicles car 
6. Fixed rate system
7. Non-smoking vehicles (clean and comfortable)

For more INFO about  LIMOTAXI service (English)
  • Let's GOOO!
    Let's GOOO!
    Hinomaru Taxi not only provide door-to-door service from airport to your residence, but also offer the option of a sightseeing tour in Tokyo!
    Although Tokyo already boasts some of the best transportation in the world, LIMOTAXI's are still the best way to travel in style for a reasonable price and visitors are always welcome!

    LIMOTAXI's are a good alternative For example: IF...
    1. There are elderly in the group.
    2. You have a big family with little kids
    3. Want to enjoy a private tour with your partner/ friends/ family 
    4. You don't prefer travel by train and subway
  • # A lot of car types to suit your needs
    # A lot of car types to suit your needs
    From van, wagons to spacious vehicles,
    LIMOTAXI offers a variety of models for youto choose from!

  • The Best of Comfort Seats
    The Best of Comfort Seats
    ALPHARD Limousine limited!
    Spacious and comfortable seating comparable to business class seats on a plane!
    Okay! It is LIMOTAXI, but...
    Get the VIP treatment you deserve!
  • #Tokyo Tower
    #Tokyo Tower
    Tokyo is definitely an amazing city where you can find just about anything. 
    Simily to the Eifel Tower, Tokyo Tower still holds a special place in our hearts! 
  • Enjoy delicious luxury cuisine
    Enjoy delicious luxury cuisine
    Along our trip around Tokyo we find ourselves in Ginza for lunch. 
    Heralded as a hub for high class fashion and AAA brands, Ginza is a place where a variety of brand's flagship shops can be found. 
    But let the fashion of Ginza distract you from the food!
    Many delicious shops can also be found there.
    Oh my gosh!!! Kobe beef!!!
  • Polite and Courteous Service
    Polite and Courteous Service
    The service may be door to door, but everything in between will feel you with ease and comfort.
    Tokyo nights can be as sleepless as any other metropolitan destination so ease your sensory overload by never having to worry about directions and checking maps.
    We've come to the busiest street in Shinjuku!!!
    Let's end up our Tokyo trip here! Thank you Hinomaru LimoTaxi
More Info!
More Info!
or more INFO about  LIMOTAXI service (English)

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