A Fantastic Night Ride to Kyoto

Tokyo Tour 2015.09.30
There are a multitude of ways to travel in Japan but today we would like to introduce a comfortable way to travel without losing sleep!
A long night on the Night Bus tour
A long night on the Night Bus tour

This time we will take a trip from Tokyo to Kyoto
but neither by plane nor bullet train.
We will be taking a night bus!!
Departing at midnight and arriving in the early morning, 
it's like space-time travel!

It's an unique experience being surrounded by people you don't know the whole night!
But fret not my friend, you will enjoy this ride on
the night bus we are going to take tonight!

Willer Buses challenge the standard of a night bus,
providing comfortable, versatile seats, and reasonable prices
Well-equipped super-premium facilities on express buses that
can help make your long trip more efficient!
A prime representative of the Japan Night Bus Industry

WILLER BUS Official Site (English) for reservation
  • Safe and Secure
    Safe and Secure
    At the waiting room of the bus terminal on the 1F
    waiting for the announcement 10 minutes before the departure of the bus.
    The staff of WILLER Bus, dressed in red jackets are always on standby and ready.
  • Boarding the Bus
    Boarding the Bus
    Be prepared in advance when boarding with your reservation information (photocopy or phone screen)
    Or the reservation number in the e-mail

    Then, take a rest at the waiting room at the terminal after checking in.
    Wait for the staffs' announcement to get on the bus.
    Don't forget to check the car number and seat number before getting on the bus.
  • Luggage Friendly
    Luggage Friendly
    Remember not to put any valuables and fragile items, or also bicycle inside.
    Luggage within 155cm height, lenth, and width in total are allowed to be loaded.
    This insures that everyone will have adequate space to load his or her luggage.
    (If you have 2 or more bags, the total height, lenth, and width must be within 240cm)
  • Confirm routes and trips on the screen in the windshield.
    Confirm routes and trips on the screen in the windshield.
    Get on the bus, sleep for a bit, and enjoy the ride.
    After stopping off at a Rest Stop
    it might be hard to find the bus again. 
    But don't worry!!
    Bus routes of the trip are clearly written in the front windshield of every WILLER bus. 
    Just check it!
Bus Styles
Bus Styles
There are various bus styles and unique comfort elements in each that shouldn't be overlooked. Find the best one for you and get nice and comfy!

Beaute Type  >> Details <<

Executive type >> Details <<

Cocoon type >> Details <<

Value type >> Details <<

 New Premium type >> Details <<
  • The Secret of 3 x 8 row-seating
    The Secret of 3 x 8 row-seating
    Very spacious legroom with ample space around the seat
    You won't feel as if you are sitting on the bus for a long journey.
  • Stay Connected
    Stay Connected
    Electrical outlets are provided so you can keep your devices charged and connected without fear of  a dead battery.
  • Cushions, Cushions, and....Cushions?
    Cushions, Cushions, and....Cushions?
    Need a pillow on the bus?

    Use the pillow provided on the New premium model bus,
    Doesn't matter which position you choose,
    it will give you the best support for you to rest comfortably. 
Lean Back
Lean Back
Get your recline on and make youself at home! These buses have been modified to cater to your comfort needs. There's also no need to fasten seat belt at all!
Feel relax and enjoy the long night of the journey from Tokyo to Kyoto^^

>> Information of Tokyo- Kyoto Line and Fee (English)
A true traveler has no regrets, even on a tight schedule.
A perfect balance of time=budget=experience.

Tokyo yesterday,
Kyoto today.

Explore the wonders of Japan quickly and safely using Willer Express!

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