Throw on a Swimsuit and Dive into these Themed Hot Springs

Kanto Accommodation Hot springs 2015.11.02
Let's take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city once again to be able to re-connect with nature and experience some cool themed hot springs. The awe-inspiring natural landscape in Hakone is the perfect setting for a relaxing getaway with a friend!
  • New Meaning to
    New Meaning to "Afternoon Tea"
    Put on swimsuit to enjoy a variety of special themed hot springs! Or take off your swimsuit to enjoy a more traditional open-air hot spring!
    "Where are we?",  you may be wondering. Well,  we are at the hot springs theme park in the Hakone Kowakien Hotel in Yunessun.
  • #Rodeo Mountain
    #Rodeo Mountain
    Built into the hotel is a water slide nearby the pool. Continuing with the themes found around the hotel/theme park, the pool features a peach theme with bubbles!  How exciting!!
  • Enhance your Complexion
    Enhance your Complexion
    Make yourself comfortable while soaking in the white sulfur springs. Did you know that soaking in a hot spring provides benefits to your health?

    Read up here:
    Hot Springs

    Now you're one step closer to healthy living!..... You're welcome..
  • # Collaboration with Afternoon tea (午後の紅茶 , gogo no kocha)
    # Collaboration with Afternoon tea (午後の紅茶 , gogo no kocha)
    To celebrate the 30th anniversary, there is a limited menu item known as ♡Karubotti,(Carbonara+ Spaghetti) in collaboration with . Admire the beautifully hand crafted carrot leaves in this great dish to go along with your mild afternoon tea.
  • #Horai Garden in front of the garden of the hotel
    #Horai Garden in front of the garden of the hotel
    Connected the hotel via bridge, this charming garden is home to about 30,000 lovely azaleas.
    Also, Hakone Kowakien Hotel is also well known for fall foliage! As the season's change in Japan you can find some of the most wonderful color assortments when leaves change colors. This nature centric space really gives you a feel of being out in the wilderness, recently celebrating almost 100 years of history!
  • #Chisuji Falls
    #Chisuji Falls
    Seeming as if white threads are streaming down green rocks soft like velvet, 
    the waterfall flows down quietly. The beautifully crafted Chisuji falls feels like something from a fairy tale. . Though it may seem towering in the photo, the 3 x 20 meter waterfall still holds it popularity among those familiar with the area.

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  • A Feast for your Eyes
    A Feast for your Eyes
    For dinner they prepared a special set for us. Distinctive of Japanese culture, we can find a simple yet hearty meal beautifully set before us. 

    Wow!! What a great dinner!
Enjoy the fall in Hakone Kowakien Hotel
Enjoy the fall in Hakone Kowakien Hotel
Dinner time @ the restaurant called Yamabuki in the Hakone Kowakien Hotel. Put on a yukata, enjoy the beautiful garden view outside the window and devour the sophisticated Japanese dinner set at the same time. Life is good.

Hakone Kowakien Hotel - Dinner

Add a mesmerizing landscape in Hakone, an enjoyable experience in hot springs to your Tokyo Trip!
Come visit the Hakone Kowakien Hotel in Yunessun!

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