Affordable Hotel near Tokyo Disney Resort®: Make Your Trip Stress-Free at Mitsui Garden Hotel Prana Tokyo Bay

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Great Facility and Very Accommodating to Foreign Guests and Families!

Planning a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort®? This hotel, which is located on the grounds will make your amusement park adventure easier and hassle-free!

  Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay 

  • JAPANKURU's Mitsui Garden Hotel series has finally come to the last stop! In the past, we went to Kanazawa, which is full of traditional craftsmanship, Kyoto and the Japanese gardens, and the luxury designs of Tokyo. The last stop is primarily recommended to families, but also amusement park lovers! This time we are going to share the hotel minutes away from Tokyo Disney Resort®, Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay.

    Your first impression of a hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort® is probably very expensive, but despite being so close to the park it is very reasonable and has spacious rooms. On top of that, there is a free shuttle bus that you can take from Tokyo Disney Resort® that will bring you to the hotel, so you won't have to deal with lugging around a bunch of things around.


Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay is a
Tokyo Disney Resort® partner hotel.

  • You can buy Tokyo Disney Resort® tickets directly at the front desk!

  • ©Disney

    The hotel’s “Disney Fantasy” souvenir shop offers guests
    a variety of Tokyo Disney Resort® merchandise.


The Fun Starts in the Lobby

One of the things Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay prides itself of is being a big family friendly hotel, and after visiting we couldn't agree more. Just in their lobby alone you can see areas that set them apart from other hotels. Like their colorful design and a designated area for small children to play, the "KIDS LOBBY", which is across from the hotel check-in counter. As if juggling a bunch of luggage wasn't enough, if you have a child that needs carrying, carts and strollers are free to use for hotel guests.
  • Wide open check-in counter

  • Photo spot booth

  • Free use of carts for luggage and kids

What Other Services Are There at Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay

There are plenty of useful services provided at Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay. One that really sparked our attention was the baggage delivery service available at the "Bon Voyage" (the big Tokyo Disney Resort® store with the big red arch to the right of JR Maihama Station). If you would like to go to the park right away before checking into the hotel, you can check your baggage at the Home Delivery Service Counter located on the first floor for 400yen. They will then deliver your baggage to your hotel room.


Other great services include:

  • Free shuttle bus from Maihama Station
    Airport Limousine Bus from both Narita and Haneda Airports

  • Bought too much? Send your things directly from the hotel to the airport!

    ⏰Service time: 7am〜1pm

  • Coin-operated washing machine
    Always a plus to have regardless if you're traveling with a family or not

Plenty of Rooms to Choose From


🐭Suitable for: 5〜6 people

This is the largest room type (784ft²/72.9m²) in the hotel with 6 beds and a small living room. Since it can accommodate a lot of people, there are two toilets and washstands, so don't worry about having to share a single bathroom with a big group! For those with small children, children's toilet seats, bottle sterilizers, children's bath products, etc. are also available for free. If they are not once you arrive you can ask for the items you need at the front desk.
  • Adult and children's pajamas

  • Children's toilet seat

  • Bottle sterilizer

  • Rounded safety design

  • Lowered bed heights to protect them from hurting themselves if they were to fall out of the bed

  • Spacious bathroom

 Prana Fourth 

🐭Suitable for: 4 people

This Prana Fourth bedroom is based on the concept of a meadow, which is why they ask that you take off your shoes at the entrance before entering the room. This room is particularly compatible with young children by lowering the height of the bed and getting rid of sharp edges (tables, headboards, etc.), making parents feel more at ease.

 Balcony Fourth 

  • 🐭Suitable for: 4 people

    Their Balcony Fourth room is not only the most common room type, but it is also the most popular of Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay. There are a variety of views you can get from this room, like an overlook of Tokyo Disney Resort® or Tokyo Bay and the ships that often sail by. Although you cannot pick the colors of the room you stay in, the rooms are decorated in orange, pink, or green to go with the fresh fruit concept.
  • Bright and spacious interior space

  • Large balcony with a view of Tokyo Bay

More Hotel Facilities

  • Large public bath on the top floor with a view of Tokyo Bay
    ⏰5〜9am, 6pm〜1am (following day)

  • Japanese hot springs and public baths normally don't allow access to those with tattoos,
    however here stickers are provided for those with tattoos to cover up at the front counter.
    That way you can still enjoy the bath regardless of having tattoos.

  • Public relaxation space for guests, and you can wear your pajamas!

A Breakfast of All Breakfasts

  • In order to appeal to the taste of many different families, the breakfast buffet at their restaurant Prana Style offers all types of food and is something to check out! 

    There are many dishes served that are considered you basic Japanese breakfast, but for those wanting a more Western-style, you have more to choose from besides rolls and scrambled eggs. In fact, there are dishes served that we have yet to see at other hotels! Maybe you have seen "Honey Toast" around Tokyo, but it is also considered the hotel's breakfast buffet signature dish. For those who don't know what it is, it is two loaves that are baked whole with melted butter and honey. Then you have a number of toppings to add! It's easily the best way to start your day. There is also a great pancake bar allowing you to make up the perfect pancake and even bread pudding! Breakfast is the most important meal, and Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay does it right.
  • There's a breakfast buffet for both adults and children (so children can serve themselves!)

  • Take out is also an option (however if you do order a to go plate, be aware that you will not be able to come back for seconds as you would when eating at the buffet)

  • Children's tableware is of course available!

With spring and summer break almost here, finding an accommodative place to stay that makes getting to a popular place like Tokyo Disney Resort® stress-free is really important. Especially if you are traveling as a family. There aren't many hotels in Tokyo that are truly child-friendly, spacious, have a great breakfast, and reasonably priced. It is almost like you are at a hotel in America, which may be part of why Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay appeals to so many foreign guests. If you are looking to visit Tokyo Disney Resort®, we highly recommend staying at Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay. If for any other reason it allows you to beat some of the crowd when you go in the morning. 🐭

🐭Mitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay
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Check-in 3pm
Check-out noon
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Basic Info
NameMitsui Garden Hotel PRANA Tokyo Bay
Address6-2-1 Akemi, Urayasu, Chiba
StationMaihama Station
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