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When visiting Tokyo, Disneyland® is an important stop on many itineraries (understandable, when you get a chance to visit the happiest place on earth)! But the reality is that the theme park isn't all that close to Tokyo, and it's far more practical to stay nearby for a night or two as you enjoy the park to the fullest. That's why we recommend you take a look at Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay. Just steps from the ocean, and a quick shuttle bus trip from Disneyland®, you can't beat the location. Plus, with a substantial free breakfast buffet and totally affordable rooms, Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay is a great value. Read on to find out exactly why this hotel is a great choice for your next trip to Tokyo.
After a Day of Magic and Excitement, Return to an Evening of Simple Relaxation
Even if you've never stayed in a Comfort Suites hotel before, if you're a frequent traveler, you might just have stayed in one of its sister hotel chains. The Choice Hotels group has a wide range of hotels, and the Comfort Suites brand is a step up from the Comfort Inns scattered across Japan, a little more of a premium experience. Whether you're traveling with family and getting ready for a weekend at Disneyland®, or with a special someone who just wants to spend time relaxing by the bay, Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay has some convenient accommodations.


Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay (コンフォートスイーツ東京ベイ)
5-8-15 Akemi, Urayasu, Chiba
Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay (jp)/Comfort Suites Reservations (jp)/Choice Hotels Group (en)

The Easiest Way to Get to Disneyland®?
A Shuttle from Your Hotel Doorstep
That's right, Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay offers a free shuttle bus that goes directly from the hotel to Disneyland®, meaning there's nothing to get in the way of having a magical day from start to finish. Plus, the hotel itself is just 10 minutes by bus or taxi from Shin-Urayasu Station. To see just how convenient it is, take a look at our video below. ⇩
Are We in Wonderland?
Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay is set up to be a comfortable place for anyone to stay, but the interiors have a little bit of storybook charm. Look around and you'll see plenty of subtle additions to add a little bit of playful spirit to the comfortable furnishings. That starts with the chessboard lobby floor, where we almost expected to see a certain Alice running right over to pour herself a self-service welcome drink during our visit. The fun continues on into the guest rooms, with jigsaw puzzle walls adding a little bit of stylish whimsy to the space.
  • Being so close to a theme park where dreams come true, the Comfort Suites lobby has lots of fun touches, without being overly childish.
  • Children staying the night will love the chance to explore their hotel room, and the decorations are made with that in mind. We had a good time looking around, too! Keep inspecting the decorations and you'll find a secret message (and even a little prize)!

Fun Spots for Photo-Ops

The fun interior design isn't limited to the background scenery in the hotel, either. There are spots for guests of all ages to take fun photos, and lots of cute decoration of all kinds. To start with, each floor has its own fantastical playing card setup, where we couldn't resist taking a commemorative shot. On top of that, we were totally charmed by the complimentary breakfast the next morning.
  • Our 9th floor poses!
  • Instead of a boring slip of paper, each guest gets a little Comfort Suites poker chip to turn over when going for breakfast. Slip the chip into the slot to add to the colorful poker chip art-in-the-making! While we were all impressed with this unique system, the other cute aspects called out to us and we hurried on...
  • check out these perfect photo props (and special breakfast treats)! These heart-shaped marshmallows, and the accompanying chocolate fountain, are both adorable and delicious.
Spacious Rooms & Convenient Amenities
Whether you're visiting Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay with Disneyland® plans, or you just want to see a little bit of the ocean waters, the hotel keeps it simple: go for a Comfort Twin room, or the Comfort Suite room, which comes with a little seating area. No matter what kind of room you choose, the hotel's beds are all a generous 140cm (55in) across, a little wider than a standard full-size mattress. Kids can also share a bed without any extra charge, so turn the seating area in a Comfort Suite room into an extra cot and you've got a great room even for a family of five! If you're an even bigger group, the hotel also has connecting rooms, which can comfortably sleep up to six adults plus four children. Super convenient for larger families, or groups of friends. In addition, each room has a microwave, and a TV that easily pairs via bluetooth to your cellphone or tablet. If you're coming back from a long day of fun and you've got tired kids who just want to relax, then grab some snacks, start up a movie on your phone, connect it to the TV, and enjoy!
  • The simple, stylish Comfort Twin, with two 140cm beds.
  • Two Comfort Suite rooms connect here, with the extra cot, to make one spacious guest room.
A Breakfast of Luxurious Variety - All for Free!
For most hotels in Japan, breakfast has to be paid for, either when you book the room or in the morning when you decide to go eat. Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay, on the other hand, offers a complimentary breakfast that will blow you away. This is no basic continental affair; it's a buffet with a little bit of everything, Japanese and Western. We recommend you stop by the waffle-maker to try toasting up your own waffle sandwich (they've even got some filling suggestions), but you can also eat light and go for some simple Japanese green tea and a bowl of rice. There's even Japanese curry, if that sounds like good morning fare to you. Of course the previously mentioned chocolate fountain is a big hit with guests of all ages!

There's nothing basic about the seating area, either. The hotel's subtle fairytale-like theme continues into the breakfast room's cafe-like interior, but off to the side there's some Japanese-style seating as well. The tables are low, but they hide a hole in the floor for your feet, making it feel like sitting on a comfortable bench.
  • More checkerboard flooring surrounds the varied breakfast buffet offerings.
  • Some of us went for a selection of simple Japanese options... but finished the meal with a sweet chocolate fountain treat!
  • While some of us went a little more Western, with Belgian waffle sandwiches, eggs, and sausage. Of course, well, nobody could resist the chocolate-covered marshmallow hearts.
  • The comfortable Japanese-style seating area looks like a cute cafe.
A Bayside Resort Spot with Convenient Facilities
Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay is, just as the name implies, just steps away from the water of Tokyo Bay! Plus, the area between the hotel itself and the calm waves of the sea is taken up by a broad strip of green park, perfect for a morning jog or a calm evening walk. Head back inside and you'll find a full set of facilities, meaning fewer vacation-time errands and more relaxation.
  • Urayasushi Total Park is right across the street from the hotel, and provides a great place to run right along the water.
  • Inside the hotel there's a laundry room with four handy coin-operated machines. Don't worry about running out of clean clothes, or finding a laundromat!
  • We don't recommend you bring your work with you when you go on a theme park vacation, but the hotel's computer room is nice to have when you want to look up park details and plan the rest of your trip on a proper desktop screen!
  • If the weather isn't good enough for a run, or you just prefer an exercise machine, head to their fitness center!
  • Perhaps most convenient of all, there's a 24-hour Lawson convenience store right inside the hotel building! Japanese convenience stores are known for their incredible selections of high-quality food and sundries, and this Lawson even sells local souvenirs and supplies for traveling with kids. Since there's a microwave in every room, you can just grab whatever food and drink you want and eat it in your room, at any hour of the day or night.
Enjoy Tokyo Bay & the Hotel's Surroundings
While many of the guests at Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay are there for a Disneyland® outing, that's not all there is to do! When you're feeling peckish, the hotel provides guides recommending local eateries, and things to see and do. From the Tokyo Bay area it's easy to head right over to Odaiba, an interesting neighborhood outside of central Tokyo. Not only is it one of the main locations for the 2020 Olympics, Odaiba also has great places to admire Tokyo from afar, like the Fuji TV Observation Deck, huge shopping facilities like Aqua City and Lalaport, and surprisingly plentiful onsen (hot springs)! 
  • The 360-degree viewing platform in the Fuji TV Observation Deck gives you a good look at the scenic Tokyo Bay in Odaiba, and the city skyline.
  • Aqua City also offers some good eats, and dinner with a view!
  • Or head over to nearby Aeon Mall for even more options.
Relax and Unwind at Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay
Right on the water and just a quick trip from Disneyland®, with accommodations perfect for kids and adults with a little wonder and a big appetite, why not try Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay for a night or three? Then start making plans for your next stay, as well - the hotel is right near upcoming Olympic events! For a relaxing evening after a busy day, you'll look forward to returning to the convenience of Comfort Suites Tokyo Bay.

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Basic Info
NameComfort Suites Tokyo Bay(コンフォートスイーツ東京ベイ)
Address5-8-15 Akemi, Urayasu, Chiba
StationShin-Urayasu Station (新浦安駅)
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