Experience Free-Spirited Design Space @ OAKHOUSE [Gran Nakano]

Tokyo Accommodation 2016.02.19
Lush furnishings, warm yellow light and the warmth of wood flooring compliment one another. Keep in mind we've only made it as far are the entrance.....
  • Access
    Shin-Nakano station is just a short 20-minute walk to the OAKHOUSE Gran Nakano location. This station is a great source for many essential items you can grab on the way back home. 

    Gran Nakano address: Wada Suginami ward Tokyo
    Oakhouse Website: http://www.oakhouse.jp/eng/house/862
  • Convenience at its finest
    Convenience at its finest
    At Shin-Nakano Station, take exit # 3 for supermarkets, convenience stores , everything! There's several convenience stores, supermarkets at the station so you can buy the ingredients to cook on your way back home without having to go back out again.
  • Forestry warm decor on point!
    Forestry warm decor on point!
    After walking in the front door you'll be shocked. You'll being to wonder if you've been transported to a lavish hotel or luxury mansion. The lush furnishings, warm yellow light and the warmth of wood flooring compliment one another will resonate within your soul!
  • A spacious and comfortable common space !!
    A spacious and comfortable common space !!
    The common space of Gran Nakano comes equipped with a TV, projection screen and projector, audio equipment, and a microphone.  This spacious common hall, can only be topped by the addition of a dazzling bar in the right corner of the picture. 
  • Multifunctional lounge
    Multifunctional lounge
    Next to the main hall there's an elegant space, just like a fancy cafe in Tokyo !! Whether you are trying to study, lounge around or chat here, you've found the perfect space !!
  • Shared kitchen at the rear of the bar
    Shared kitchen at the rear of the bar
    Even the kitchen looks top notch, imagine seamlessly preparing food with your newfound housemates and better yet friends from around the globe. A huge table is provided for added space when preparing dishes.. Nice!!!
  • Left off the official website
    Left off the official website
    Did somebody say free sauna!? Yes that's right, it's not written on the website but a sauna is included in the listing! You can take a bath/shower after walking over to the sauna to sweat away your stress..^^
  • Seventh floor Veranda
    Seventh floor Veranda
    From a broad platform above the residence managers approve of BBQ parties, clothesline drying and general clothes drying ~ You can also catch a glimpse of Shinjuku from up here!
  • Bright and spacious entrance, fully equipped kitchen + everything
    Bright and spacious entrance, fully equipped kitchen + everything
    More than enough space for one, and just enough for two. OAKHOUSE is giving you all the tools you need to settle down comfortably.
  • Enjoy your new Space
    Enjoy your new Space
    Whatever you want to do, free of the bounds of space, do what you want to do, you can even get your lazy on XD. Equipped with A wardrobe, bed, table and chairs, sofa, air conditioning, everything you could possibly need. 
  • 3rd floor : Apartment type listings
    3rd floor : Apartment type listings
    Management fee: 30,000 yen (pay once, when contracted).
    Monthly rent:120,000 yen +total benefit costs: 15,000 yen = 135,000 yen.
    Spouses or boyfriends/ girlfriends can live together for an extra 10,000 yen per month.

Toilet and bathroom together

Have you ever went to take a shower and suddenly have to go to the bathroom? Haha! We're serious! This design is very practical!! Although they are in the same room, they are separated by a door so you don't have to worry about getting the whole bathroom wet. With this separation you can enjoy a shower while another person uses the toilet. Works out nicely and doesn't result in any awkward situations! ^^
  • Share an apartment
    Share an apartment
    This room type allows three people to rent a room separately, then share a kitchen, bathroom and other facilities of a common residence. This could potentially be the perfect setup for a group of friends to rent a place together!!
  • Amenities
    A management fee of 30,000 yen (pay once when signing the contract) is required before moving into a room and the rooms come equipped with many amenities including a microwave, overtop, washing machine, and refrigerator. 
  • Even a bathtub!
    Even a bathtub!
    Are you the shower of bath type? Well in this apartment you can do both! XD. To all my lovers of long baths, bathe to your heart's content (just as long as it's okay with your roommates)!!

Separate toilet

Taking into account if you live with other people, and they cannot take a bath while the toilet is in use the place has been designed so the toilet and bathroom are completely separate! ! The toilets are also high-tech electronic toilets that will heat up when it's cold out and come equipped with a Japanese bidet. ~ !! ~Fancy~
  • 5th Floor Shared single Apartments:
    5th Floor Shared single Apartments:
    Choose from a range of differnt sizes!
    Left:[11.64m²] rent 70,000 yen + total benefit costs 12,000 yen = 82,000 yen
    Middle: [14.7m²]  rent 80,000 yen + total benefit costs 12,000 yen = 92,000 yen
    Right: [17.5m²]  rent 90,000 yen + total benefit costs 12,000 yen = 102,000 yen
  • Home sweet home
    Home sweet home
    In this room, I didn't expect it but the most impressive item is the carpet on the ground. Living in OAKHOUSE is a privilege, and you can benefit from an endless supply of creative imagination at home !!
Basic Info
NameOakhouse Gran Nakano
AddressWada Suginami ward Tokyo
StationFujimicho Station
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