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Kanto Accommodation 2016.03.07
It's still the season to hit up and enjoy the hot springs so today we'll introduce the perfect place to stay warm during this chilly winter in Nasu (那 須)!!...

Start your trip at the station! Nasushihobara Station

After about 2 and a half hours from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen (bullet train) you will arrive at Nasushihobara Station, but rather than buying a regular Shinkansen ticket the more economical choice will be to use the JR Wide Pass. From the station, a trip to the hotel can be easily done by taking the provided shuttle bus.
Hotel Sunvalley Nasu in the Nasu highlands is a large resort with nine other hotels located in the woods in which you can come and go freely using their handy shuttle bus service. The large all-weather resort is available each season with facilities including spas, restaurants, etc..
Want to take a look?
Hotel Sunvalley Nasu official website:
  • The Queen's Collina Effect
    The Queen's Collina Effect
    The resort is divided into several hotels and galleries as beautiful as this space. This time we had the honor of staying in the Queen's Collina, a luxurious non-smoking hotel with a warm welcoming for first time and returning visitors!
  • Free Drinks!
    Free Drinks!
    After checking in pay a visit to the nearby bar, KAGETSU (嘉 月) (in the same building) and they will offer you a free welcome drink!
    Umeshu (plum wine) / cold water / apple juice / grapefruit juice / coffee / tea (varies)
    Feel free to take your pick!

Enjoy Queen's Collina properly!

Enclosed in one of the nine buildings making up the Hotel Sunvalley Nasu, with John Lennon's very own poetry, writings and paitings on display, this Queen's Collina room stands among the best. These rooms feature a western style room with an open-air bath made of cypress wood^^! A room perfect for small groups at 43.0㎡. The bath itself serves as a practical bath or more like a healing bath. A one way ticket to your relaxation destination, with open-air baths overlooking a panoramic view of the Nasu highlands.
Ready to hop in now!! ^^
  • Apple tart art plate with tea
    Apple tart art plate with tea
    Right next to the Museum of Art inside Queen's Collina, delicious treats can be enjoyed next to beautiful works of art. Some of the treats include tea and simple desserts
  • Artistic Appreciation
    Artistic Appreciation
    Is this really a tea room or are we sitting in an art museum? You be the judge! The atmosphere is created with the flashy and stylish crushed gold table covers radiating a mellow warm tone within the cafe.
  • Lay back and relax!
    Lay back and relax!
    There are three kinds of hot springs to enjoy: sulfur, alkaline, andmagnesium. This time we ventured into the hot springs of Oriental Garden laden with beautiful cypress wood baths making it by far our #1 recommendation. 
  • Encounter the treasure chest of flavor in Sunvalley
    Encounter the treasure chest of flavor in Sunvalley
    Choose from many all-you-can-eat buffets offering resort quality meals featuring fresh seafood, and other assorted dishes that will leave you with an ear to ear smile. 
  • Special Services
    Special Services
    Aqua Venus, which is located just below the main building, comes equipped with spa facilities where you can enjoy water parks and hot springs even in a swimsuit! There's also massage parlors run by highly train professionals that will take your relaxation to the next level.
  • Star Light, Star Bright
    Star Light, Star Bright
    In the plaza you'll find the Sun Valley Garden Illumination shining bright with more than 300,000 light bulbs. The lights are especially good for couples around the small chapel!^^
  • Memories spent with illuminations
    Memories spent with illuminations
    Make new memories in the lights decorated for you and me. It's such a lovely space to forget all your cares and enjoy the moment together!
  • Help yourself to Nasu Tourism
    Help yourself to Nasu Tourism
    Because the Kyubi bus runs on a loop, you'll always find your way back to Hotel Sunvalley Nasu, but understand that it is just a one day pass so try to make the most of it! 
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