Viewing Sakurajima from the Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Resort

Kyushu Accommodation 2017.07.20
The Symbol of Kagoshima

Viewing Sakurajima from the Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Resort!!!

A while ago we visited the stunning Kagoshima, which is located on the southern tip of the Kyushu Islands. Kagoshima sits on the northwest of Kagoshima Bay opposite of the active volcano Sakurajima. 

Meaning 🌸"Cherry Blossom Island"🌸 in Japanese, it was an island for years (the first record of an eruption was in 708). However, the massive lava flow from an eruption in 1914 was so extreme it connected to the Osumi Peninsula in the east when the lava hardened! 

 Well, for those who are thinking to go on a trip to Kagoshima, this article is for you!
  • Even from looking through a window, you can see the beauty of Kagoshima!
  • Close to the coast of the excellent location, so that tenants on the balcony will be able to enjoy the scenery🌋
  • Stunning view of the active volcanoin front of you!

Take a look at the basic information of Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort

  • Attention! If you request to check-in earlier or check-out later, extra fee might be required!

    Fo the ones who ride a rental car,
    there are two parking lots available. 
    TIMES24 and KAMOIKE Newtown.
    Although they are not free of charge, it is just 800 yen a night!

    For KAMOIKE NEWtown one,  you won't be able to let your car in/out during 24:00~7:00.
    Please ask the reception desk for assistance if you would like to use after 24:00.

Our Room Recommendations① Standard Double

  • Good for couple and new married! Enjoy the beautiful sakurajima view and have a drink with your partner! How romantic!  

Our Recommendation Room ②Standard Twin

  • The Standard Twin room has the same size bed, except two of them! Making this room bigger and more spacious (25m²).

    Good for couple, friends and small family to have a fun time! 

Our Recommendation ③Deluxe Twin

  • The Deluxe Twin room is a bit of a size up, giving you two beds at the size of 1200mm. It is ALSO the biggest room available aside from the suite (30m²)~

    For more about guest rooms:

Good eat at Best Western Kagoshima!

  • Buffet-style Breakfast
    Buffet-style Breakfast
    You can enjoy Best Western's buffet-style restaurant that offers specialty dishes that includes local ingredients from the Kagoshima area!

    Restaurant Four Leaf Garden Breakfast Information
    6: 30 ~ 10: 00 (last reception time 9:30)
    Price (excluding tax) 1, 580yen/ elementary school student 790yen

    For more info about dining
  • Beer Garden!! Must- go in Japan!
    Beer Garden!! Must- go in Japan!
    Beside beer,  more Japanese shochu than you can imagine! 🍶🏮
    Shochu is the most famous liquor in Kagoshima and has its own rich flavor.
    There are many different kinds depending on its ingredients though.
    For example, there is sweet potato, rice, wheat, soba, and black sugar shochu.

    Beer Garden Basic Information
    6: 00pm ~ 9: 30pm (last order 9:00pm)
    Reservations before the day: 3,900yen
    Same-day reservations: 4,100yen
    For reservations please call: 099-257-2760
    Entrance fee: middle school+ 1000yen
                         elementary school  500yen
                         small children free

    More about dining
  • A heartwarming dinner
    A heartwarming dinner
    Best Western Kagoshima also has a Japanese restaurant, Shiragane.
    In traditional Japanese banquet style, you can enjoy all kinds of food placed infront of you like seafood for Kinko bay, local veggies, and of course, the healthy and delicious Shabu-Shabu using Kagoshima beef!!

    Japanese Cuisine & Teppanyaki SHIRAGANE
    5: 00pm ~ 9: 30pm (last order 9:00pm)
    !Asks for 3+ people make a reservation in advance! 
    Fee: 4,000yen/person
    Other Japanese Cuisine Dinner's Introduction Page (Japanese)
    Other Teppanyaki Introduction Pages (Japanese)
  • Everything above is our hotel recommendation, the Best Western Rembtandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort!!
    Beautiful scenery, awesome native food, relaxing spas, and so! so! much more!
    You'll have to come and see for yourself ;) 

    For reservation of  Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort

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Basic Info
NameBest Western Rembrandt Hotel Kagoshima Resort
Address22-1, Kamoike Shinmachi, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 890-0064
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