First Millennium brand in Japan!! New hotel with Unique concept Rooms

Tokyo Accommodation Ginza 2015.10.06
Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo? What kind of surprises are awaiting us you may wonder? Well strap yourselves in as we launch our way into the future of hospitality.
    Golden circular pattern on the pillows and golden flames placed on the cabinet beside the beds.
    It is said that all of these take away all bad luck Whether or not that is true has yet to be scentifically proven but one thing is for sure, This i so one amazing room.
  • Touch of GOLD & GOLD ROOM and [HAKUZA] Collaboration
    Touch of GOLD & GOLD ROOM and [HAKUZA] Collaboration
    HAKUZA is regarded as THE must-know manufacturer specializing in Japanese gold leaf art.
    The popular brand of gold leaf located in Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture.

    You know what? 
    In Nihonbashi, not far from Ginza, there is a store called  "COREDO." where you can find many  of HAKUZA's products.

    HAKUZA Nihonbashi Official website (Japanese)
  • The eye-catching shining package of the face masks!
    The eye-catching shining package of the face masks!
    A Gold leaf face mask! It's almost too luxurious to use! lol

    We all know that true beauty comes from within, but if you're interested in beautifying your exterior too, use the gold leaf face mask to become more beautiful
  • Welcome to the VIP PEARL ROOM
    Welcome to the VIP PEARL ROOM
    Pearl White, as far as the eye can see! Beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows and blankets complete the pure white series.  

    This is the PEARL ROOM, we've also introduced in the past articles.
    A concept room with the collaboration of MIKIMOTO and the pearl brand representing Japan.
  • Anemities
    As we make our way around the PEARL ROOM, we can take a glance at the bathroom. A wide-open space with a full size tub so you can take that relaxing bubble bath you've been longing to take for weeks.
  • Presents!!!
    While checking in we each received a check-in gift from the concierge. Inside the package we found these 3-in-1 set of skin care products for travelers, and discount coupons for MIKIMOTO COSMETICS in Ginza! SCORE!
  • Book your stay today!
    Book your stay today!
    Not just any old ordinary hotel, but a Millennium brand service professional promising the greatest achievement! Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo has thoughtful service like other hotels in general but also innovative ideas from thei international brand of its hotel chain

    Of course, you don't wanna miss the delicious breakfast too! ^^

    If you have chance to visit Tokyo!
    Make sure you stay at Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo.

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