Kanazawa Spotlight: Nagamachi Bukeyashiki

Chubu Culture Kanazawa 2019.05.04
Nagamachi Bukeyashiki, or the Nagamachi Samurai District, is a traditional neighborhood in Kanazawa located near the site of the previous Kanazawa Castle grounds (which were mostly destroyed by fire in 1881).

Walk the Streets of the Wealthy Warrior Class in the Nagamachi Samurai District

The area is famous for once providing housing to members of the important mid to upper feudal samurai classes of the day, and still preserves the original samurai homes typified by the use of small canals, narrow streets, bridges leading to private entrances, earthen building materials, and traditional design aesthetics. In addition to Kanazawa, when visiting Japan, you can also find preserved samurai neighborhoods in both Akita, and Chiba Prefectures.
A popular spot for taking photos, here you can experience what daily life would have looked like for Japan's famed samurai classes.
  • Traditional architecture is found throughout the neighborhood.

  • A blossoming tree near one of many small bridges.

A Samurai Family Home Receives Two Stars in Michelin's Green Guide

The Nomura Samurai House is a historic and remarkably well-preserved home of the Nomuras, a very wealthy samurai family that served the lords of the Maeda Clan during the Edo-era.

The house operates as a museum containing a range of original samurai heirlooms and relics, an impeccable garden listed by the Journal of Japanese Gardening as one of the top three gardens in Japan, and was even awarded two stars by the Michelin Green Guide of Japan.
On the second floor, you can enjoy views of the garden while drinking green tea for only 300 yen.
  • Follow the CM of JR Hokuriku Shinkansen.

  • Taking in the tranquil garden.

We strongly recommend visiting here to get an authentic sense for traditional Japan.

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Basic Info
NameNomura Clan Samurai Home (武家屋敷 野村家)
Address1-3-32, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0865
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