Kanamara Festival The Extremely Unique and Interesting Penis Festival in Japan

Kanto Culture Tokyo 2019.06.06
I know,it sounds weird. But, yes, the Japanese have a festival for the Penis.
Yes… just like the title states!  
This article will be introducing a festival that many people seem to avoid talking about.
That is the penis festival in Kawasaki, Japan. This traditional name of this festival is “Kanamara festival(かなまら祭り)”. (in Japanese mara means penis)

What is the Kanamara festival like?

On the first Sunday of April every year, thousands of tourists head to Kanayama shrine (金山神社) to join a crowd of people along with the lively atmosphere to
join an extremely unique festival and only unique in Japan, Kanamara festival, also known as penis festival. Sounds interesting, isn't it? Japan is a country rich in culture and traditional festivals, and the penis festival I am referring to is really a festival that keeps you from blushing but is also relaxing with laughs when going with friends and relatives.

Kanayama Shrine (金山神社)
神奈川 県 川 市 川 崎 区 大師 駅 前 2-13-16
2-13-16 Daishiekimae, Kawasaki Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

The festival has continued for more than 50 years

Although it is a festival for many people who can be considered quite insensitive, this festival has lasted for more than 50 years and has become a unique culture only in Japan. This festival hasn’t been faded or forgotten but has attracted more participants, especially foreign tourists.

The Origin of the Festival

The legend goes like this,
There were once a demon that fell in love with a young girl. But that girl instead married another man. The demon got jealous and lurked into the lady, and deliberately bit the guy's penis during their wedding night. Later, the woman seeked help from a blacksmith, who created an iron penis to break the demon's teeth, and destroyed the demon. From that story, to remember the iron penis along with the spirit of the blacksmith, people preserved the temple, and created this penis festival that we know today.

Activities at Kanamara festival

There are quite a few activities that you can participate in this festival.
First one is the "precious" palanquin, there will be 3 of them marching, each carrying "precious" gods of different sizes: small, medium and Large.
The palanquin will walk while shouting: '' dekaimara, dekaimara '' (meaning, big penis).  
In addition to the march, you will also see small street markets selling products that are in the shape of a penis. You’ll find items like earrings, hangers, and don't forget to buy penis candy to lick along with your friends or to take selfies.
After walking around for a while, if you start to get hungry, don't worry, because there's a whole series of fast food shops, (at affordable prices around 30 - 500 yen / product).
  • Can you see that little penis god?
  • This one here is slightly larger in size.
  • At last, the symbol of the whole festival is here. This colour makes it looks so cute right?
  • Penis shaped earrings
  • Penis shaped banana coated with chocolate.
  • Products like penis print T-shirts are available.
That was one interesting festival wasn’t it.
Going to Japan and experiencing unique cultural festivals may also be an interesting thing to do! Hope you will have moments of comfort and joy with your friends and loved ones when participating in a festival.
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