The Kaga-Hachiman Okiagari Dolls Wishing for Children's Health

Chubu Culture Kanazawa 2019.10.08
Kanazawa is famous for producing many kinds of Japanese crafts. Goldleaf, Kaga-Yuzen Dyeing, and Kutaniyaki Pottery. Kaga-Hachiman Okiagari is also one of them. So, what is Kaga-Hachiman Okiagari? Let's take a look!

Kanazawa, a town of Japanese crafts

  • Kanazawa is a city famous for producing many kinds of Japanese crafts and arts.
    Kutaniyaki Pottery, gold leaf making, and Kaga-Yuzen dyeing techniques are just some of them.

Kaga-Hachiman Okiagari

This cute round doll is also one of Kanazawa's traditional crafts.

~If you are interested~
The name of the doll【加賀八幡起上り:かがはちまんおきあがり】can be broken down to three separate parts, "Kaga", "Hachiman", and "Okiagari".

"Kaga" comes from the name of the area, which used to be called the Kaga Domain.

"Hachiman" when written in Kanji (with Chinese characters), also can be read Yahata (the name of a particular god in Japan and the shrine where they worship that god).

"Okiagari" means to get up or wake up.

Hence, the words put together mean "A doll that wakes up made in the Kaga region for the Hachiman god".
  • This traditional craft found in Kanazawa is gifted to those who are expecting a baby to wish that the baby will grow healthily. The reason why they give this doll is because this doll can wake up after its been pushed over, therefore, it always rises after falling, and hence means that you can come over any difficulties and will grow to become better and stay strong.

    Sometimes the doll is gifted to a couple that just got married or even to wish someone to get better soon.
  • If you visit Kanazawa, you can find places where you can paint your own kind.
    Places like the Intergate hotel have an option for guests to paint their own Okiagari for an additional 1,100 yen.
    The Okiagaris that they have there are the ones from Nakajima Menya, a shop that has been selling traditional masks and dolls since 1862.
    The standard design for this Yahata-Hachiman Okiagari is to draw a Japanese pine, bamboo, and a plum flower.
    All these items are for good luck in Japan.
  • There's your one and only kind of the Yahata-Hachiman Okiagari.

    Hotel Intergate Kanazawa
    Where you can paint your own Okiagari.
    Address: 2-5 Takaokamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0864 (Map)
    Official Website

    Nakajima Menya
    Where you can buy traditional Japanese dolls.
    Address: 2-2-18 Owaricho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0902 (Map)
    Official Website ←Japanese

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