The Art of Social Distancing - Imagery Made for the 2 Meter (6ft) Distance

Chubu Culture News 2020.05.09
This coronavirus-themed art's uplifting message is made to be read from a safe distance!
If this page just looks like some blotches of black and a few white polka dots to you, you're not alone. At first glance, most people take one look at this full page of the May 6th edition of the Gifu Newspaper, and share that thought. But Japanese readers will tell you - at just the right distance, it's much more meaningful than some random black and white patterns.
Up close the meaning is obscured, but observe the newspaper from afar (ideally the 2+ meters or 6+ feet away necessary to avoid the spread of COVID-19), and the shapes resolve themselves into a few simple words of Japanese: even apart, our hearts are one (離れていても 心はひとつ). The design undeniably represents the message of social distancing - physically we might be far apart, but we're all in this together!

Interestingly, the artist behind this all isn't a professional designer at all, but a member of the newspaper's sales team, and the design itself was created in PowerPoint!
  • Despite the newspaper employee's lack of design-related experience, they clearly understood the design principles that make the full page spread so appealing. The simple concept resulted in one powerful end result! And while it's hard to appreciate the effect on the small screen of a cellphone, it's sure to get across to newspaper readers with the page just inches from their face.

    Have you seen any other interesting creativity or great Japanese design being inspired by the coronavirus outbreak? Let us know, or tell us what you think of this newspaper's design, on the Japankuru twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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