The World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019 in Tokyo

Tokyo Entertainment World university rugby invitation tournament 2019.07.09
The WURIT being held in Japan for the first time with participating universities from eight countries around the world.

It's happening! The World University Rugby Invitation Tournament is being held in Japan for the first time!

Having Waseda University in Japan as the hosting team, the universities from around the world are uniting under a rugby tournament for the second time in history.
The Meanings to Hold this Game
Official Facebook Account
Official Facebook Account
(Image sourced from "World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019 Steering Committee" Facebook page on Jul 09, 2019)

Three Big Reasons Why the Tournament is Being Held.

1. For the Development of the Players
Under the code of "Noblesse Oblige", those with power, knowledge, wealth or prestige are responsible for the development and advancement of society! 
Through playing rugby, players will develop and learn these skills.

2. As an International Exchange
Creating an opportunity for participants to gather and communicate with one another from different countries. Helping them to develop and widen their world.

3. To Promote the Values of Rugby to the World
Hoping to send out the true meaning and the idea of “One for all, All for one”. 
What the rugby community is trying to promote.
"All for the better of the game and community over the individual."
About the Games

The Outlines of the Game

Let's take a look at the details of the games that are going to be held this year.
Participating Teams
Participating Teams
(Image sourced from "World University Rugby Invitation Tournament 2019" official website on Jul 09, 2019)

The Participants

Country - University: Team
Japan - Waseda University: Waseda University Rugby Football Club *The host
England - Oxford University: Oxford University RFC(England) *Previous hosts
South Africa - University of Cape Town: UCT Ikey Tigers *Previous Tournaments Champions
Canada - University of British Columbia: UBC Thunderbirds
Russia - Siberian Federal University: SibFU Rugby Club
New Zealand - New Zealand University: New Zealand Universities Rugby Football Inc *Collective Team
Australia - The University of Sydney: Sydney University Football Club *First Time Participants
France - University of Bordeaux *First Time Participants and the planned host for the 2023 WURIT

Tournament Schedule

- Monday 16th September: The Opening Ceremony
Waseda University Building 14 Hall.
Followed by an opening party at Okuma Garden House.

- Tuesday 17th September: Training
Training at Nerima Ward Training Pitch/ Kami Igusa Sports Centre etc.
※Followed by an event with the local children.

- Wednesday 18th September: Match Day 1
Kami Igusa Ground/ Yokokawa Electric Corp Ground

- Thursday 19th September: Training
Nerima Ward Oizumi Sakura Park/ Kami Igusa Sports Centre etc.
※Followed by an event with the local children.

- Friday 20th September: Match Day 2
Kami Igusa Ground/ Yokokawa Electric Corp Ground/ Meiji Yasuda Ground

- Saturday 21st September: Training
Nerima Ward Training Pitch/Suginami Ward Igusa Mori Public Park.
※Followed by an event with the local children.

- Sunday 22nd September: Match Day 3
Placing tournament for the 5th to the 10th at Kami Igusa Ground.

- Monday 23rd September: Match Day 4
Placing tournament for the 1st to the 4th.
Aftermatch Function at Kami Igusa Ground
Highlights of the Game

Making 2019 WURIT the best game it can be!

Promote the Founding Values of Rugby
To pass on the legacy for a bigger and better game of Rugby.
Pros or amateurs, future players, all in to make this happen under the world of DIVERSITY, which plays a huge role contributing to this.
For a game that helps build the spirit, gathers people to unite.
WURIT serves the players a core role allowing them to discover or rediscover these pure values.

Hoping that this will help people who were involved grow and create a path to make a world that is better.

The Rugby World Cup 2019

The Rugby World Cup is also being held in Japan this year.
Head to read the "The Ultimate Rugby World Cup Region Guide" for info on where to go around the locations where the rugby games are to be held.

All the Best to the Players!

We are very happy that our crowdfunding team was able to take part in supporting this tournament.
We wish all the best to those who are playing and watching this tournament.
Hope all goes well.
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