The Ultimate Rugby World Cup Region Travel Guide

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Traveling by train? Going around using a rent-a-cars? Using public transport? Here is a list for you covering places to go, things to do and food to eat around in Japan during the rugby worldcup season! Updated with a new image of the Kumagaya Rugby Stadium and more Info of the surrounding areas. Here for the rugby games? Why not see around Japan while you're here? We've put together a list of places to go near the rugby stadiums where they hold the matches!
Basic info about the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup (RWC) is Coming!

Are you ready for the RWC2019!?

Covering the basics of the games 
- When is the world cup held?
- Where are the games held at?
- Which countries are participating?

to more in detail on what you can do nearby those venues.
- What's available around the area?

Let's take a look at how to get the most out of your RWC 2019 visit to Japan!

A quick recap on the details of the games.

The games are held between 20th of September till the 2nd of November.
That's 44 days in total and the seasons during this period in Japan is from the end of summer going into autumn/winter.
The temperature can be somewhere around in the late 20s (degrees in Celsius) in September, dropping down to somewhere around 10 degrees in November. 
So, depending on when you are coming you'll need to pack for totally different clothes.

There are 12 stadiums/venues across the country.
(I'll take you through the different areas later in this article.)

Attending Countries:
There are 20 countries participating, and those are;

Argentina (10), Australia (6), Canada (21), England (4), Fiji (9), France (8), Georgia (12), Ireland (3), Italy (14), Japan (11), Namibia (23), New Zealand (1), Russia (20), Samoa (16), Scotland (7), South Africa (5), Tonga (13), Uruguay (17), USA (15), Wales (2)
Numbers in the brackets are the country's world ranking.
Hokkaido and the Tohoku Region
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Sapporo Dome (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Official Website
Things to do: Visit the Sapporo beer museum for the 
Food nearby: Try the Kaisendon, the Japanese seafood delight in a bowl.
Places to go: See Biei - A Spectacle to Behold! Rolling Hills and Rainbow Fields! or see the Best 9 Sightseeing Spots in Sapporo!
Trekking through Hokkaido w/ a NISSAN Rent a Car!
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Kamaishi Unosumai Memorial Stadium (Kamaishi, Iwate)
Official Website
Things to do: Take a road trip around the Tohoku region or head down to Miyagi to the Zao Fox Village.
Food nearby: Try the "Wankosoba" or drive down to Yamagata to try the cuisine in Tendo city.
Places to go: It's not just the cuisine that's famous in Tendo, visit Ginzan Onsen town to take a great soak in the hot springs. See the temple with a great history.
Kanto and Tokyo area
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Kumagaya Rugby Stadium (Kumagaya, Saitama)
Official Website (Japanese)
Things to do:
  Nagatoro river rafting is one exciting activity to try out.
  Try the good old steam locomotive trains from Kumagaya to go to the surrounding areas!
Food nearby:
  Find the delicious Unagi eel
  Try the unique udon noodle that is only available here at the Hanyu Parking Area.
Places to go:
  Visit Kawagoe, the so-called Little Edo town
  See the magnificent temple of Menuma Shodenzan 
  Mitsumine Jinja, the sanctuary closest to the sky.
  See the town of Japanese dolls in Iwatsuki
  Learn some history at the Kawagoe castle 

Nissan Stadium (Yokohama, Kanagawa)
Official Website
Things to do: Shop at Yokohama's largest shopping mall for goodies to take back home.
(Also don't forget to grab your free train pass for the Enoden to head down to Enoshima!)
Food nearby: Enoshima's famous Japanese whitebait dishes!
Places to go: head down to Enoshima and Kamakura for a historical yet modern journey. 
We were recently able to get a preview of the actual stadium in Kumagaya!
  • Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
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Ajinomoto Stadium (Tokyo)
Official Website
Things to do: Shop at the famous Japanese knife shop in Kappabashi culinary shopping streets near Asakusa, or rent a kimono at the hotel you're staying.
Food nearby: There's just too many to choose from but here are some to get you started. 
4 places you can try the Japanese beef at. 
- The culture of All you can eat. The "Houdai" restaurants to cure your cravings of food.
Places to go: Try the Sento, to soak up some Japanese culture of the public baths.
See the famous robot restaurant! (Grab the 25% discount coupon on this page!)
Chubu and the Kansai Region
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Ogasayama Sports Park ECOPA(Shizuoka)
Official Website
Things to do: Do a road trip to enjoy the scenery around the area.
Food nearby: Head down to Shizuoka's Numazu port in Shizuoka.
Places to go: Go to see Mount Fuji. See the famous distillery in Yamanashi

Toyota Stadium (Toyota, Aichi)
Official Website
Things to do: Head down to Mie for a great family vacation at the Suzuka Racing Circuits.
Food nearby: have the time to travel? Go to Kanazawa for a gourmet exploration.
Places to go: Go to Nagoya for a day trip
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Hanazono Rugby Stadium (Higashi-Osaka, Osaka)
Official Website (Japanese)
Things to do: See the local arcade market in Kuromon.
Food nearby: Go for a true local bowl of noodles.
Places to go: Go to the Osaka castle.

Noevir Stadium (Kobe)
Official Website (Japanese)
Things to do: Take a look at this Kansai drive around guide.
Food nearby: Must try the Kobe Beef!
Places to go: Go to see the cute Rilakkuma Cafe in Kyoto or head to Himeji for a story of Cosmetics and Japan's World Heritage.
Kyushu... and beyond.
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Higashi (Fukuoka, Fukuoka)
Official Website (Japanese)
Things to do: Shop at the famous Canal City in Hakata
Food nearby: Try the street food or the Yatai at the heart of Fukuoka.
Places to go: See the amazing geology of Akiyoshidai in Yamaguchi Prefecture. 

Egao Kenko Stadium (Kumamoto, Kumamoto)
Official Website
Things to do: Go east, for a road trip around the four prefectures in Shikoku!
Food nearby: Head to Hiroshima to experience the ultimate gourmet tour.
Places to go: Go on a road trip around Kyushu

Oita Sports Park (Oita)
Official Website
Things to do: Soak in Japan's oldest hot springs in Ehime, also known as the sight of Spirited Away
Food nearby: Try the pork in Kagoshima, the Kagoshima Black Pork! See the difference in the flavour and its texture. Or give this Kagoshima Ramen a go?
Places to go: See the great Motonosumi Inari Shrine, voted by CNN as a must-see shrine in Japan. Go on a road trip around south Kyushu.

Do you know...?

About the World University Rugby Invitation Tournament (WURIT).

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    The Crowdfunding for WURIT
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