The Top three Fireworks events in Japan!

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Up until now, our top three series have been covering the best scenic views, the best Edo festivals. This time looking at the Top 3 Fireworks Festivals around Japan. Fireworks is one of the things that represent the Japanese summer. Each event has its own theme and historical background to the local area.
About the fireworks in Japan
In Japan, Hanabi 【花火・はなび: fireworks】 play a very vital part of the Japanese summer.
The origins of fireworks festival as an event for entertainment and appreciation in Japan dates back to the Edo period around the 1730s.

Since then fireworks spread all around Japan, and each local area started to develop their own fireworks artisan skills and made improvements on the quality in their own way.
Planning your way to the fireworks festival in Japan this year?
Here are a few tips for you that you may want to keep in mind when going out to to see the fireworks in Japan.
The Nagaoka Hanabi, Niigata Prefecture
The Nagaoka Hanabi, originated in 1879 has been nominated as one of the top three fireworks in Japan, is known for its spectacular scale!
A 650m diameter firework in the air is one huge firework to see!
The so-known the "Niagara Falls" and the "Phoenix" are also artworks of the Hanabi that you can't miss in this Nagaoka festival.
  • Date: August 2nd & 3rd
    Hours: 19:20 - 21:10

The Niagara Falls of Nagaoka Fireworks

The Omagari Hanabi - National Fireworks Competition, Akita Prefecture
Begun in 1910, this Omagari fireworks festival is famous because this is the time and place where they decide Japan's No.1 firework artisan!
Each year artisans from all around Japan aim to be showing their work here, some spend over a year to come up with ideas to win this competition.

If you love the fireworks in Japan, come to see Japan's No.1 Hanabi artisan!
  • Date: Aug 31st
    Hours: 17:00

Who will be nominated this year?

Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition, Ibaraki Prefecture
This one in Tsuchiura is known for its competition as the name goes.
Fireworks artisans come to this event from all over Japan to compete for their skills and quality of their fireworks.
There are three categories that a firework will be judged on. 

1. the Star Mine
Starmine is the technique of launching fireworks, the timing between each firework and the rhythm of the whole show.

2. the Shakudama (30cm) fireworks
Shakudama is a kind of measurement and is approximately 30cm diameter sized ball.
What they look at here is the shape when it opens up in the sky, the clarity of the colour and the arrangement. Some have three layers in one shot and the colours in that are so beautiful.

3. the Originality and Creativity
This one is obvious as there are variations in timing, the form of the fireworks, the way they express a pattern in each one. 

If you are interested, here are a few more terms related to fireworks in Japanese and some interesting facts.
  • Date: Oct 26
    Hours: 18:00 - 20:30

Find your favourite!

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Just a couple more top threes in Japan for you to finish off.

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