Take The KABA Bus Along The Lake Near Mount Fuji

Chubu Entertainment Yamanakako 2019.08.23
The KABA bus will take you along Yamanakako, one of the lakes right close to Mount Fuji. Experience the ride for the beautiful scenery.
Sightseeing around Mount Fuji?
We recently posted an article covering what you can do around Mount Fuji in 2019, but there's more.
This "KABA BUS" will take you on a drive on the roads and on the water.
  • Let's start from Shinjuku station.
    You can take a bus up towards mount Fuji from the front of the Yodobashi Camera located at the west exit of the Shinjuku station.
  • This is what it looks like inside the bus terminal of the Keio buses.
    It would take approximately two hours from here to mount Fuji and a single way fare will cost 1,700 yen.
  • Hop on to the express bus! There's also a monitor at the front of the bus displaying English, so don't worry.
  • Starting to see mount Fuji out of the window.
    It's getting exciting!
  • Finally, we are here at Kawaguchiko, one of the lakes near Mount Fuji.
  • Get a bus to the Yamanakako, another lake near by.
    See the details for a bus that goes around the lakes and take you to Mount Fuji here.
    These buses can even take you straight to the Haneda or Narita airport as well.
  • Let's get ready to go on the Kaba Bus!
    You can purchase a ticket at the lobby of the bus stop
    Also, take a look at their official page for more details.
  • This is the KABA bus.
    You might have realised by now, that there's a picture of a Hippopotamus on the side of the bus.
     That's right! KABA means Hippopotamus in Japanese.
  • This is what it looks like inside the bus.
    They have nice wide seats and even a blanket for you if you need one.
  • It's interesting to take a look at the driver's seat as well.
    You will see two steering wheels, one for the bus when it's on the road and one to operate on the water as a ship.
  • At a maximum speed of 6 knots as a boat this bus will take you on a comfortable ride on the lake.
  • Experience the ride like never before on an ordinary boat.
  • Listen to the guide as the bus goes along the lake.
  • See the mount Fuji right up close!
  • There's also the Swan lake boat that goes around the lake!
    See the details here for this one.
  • After a nice ride on the lake, we are back on land.
    Try this unique experience if you are going to see Mount Fuji!
    It's definitely worth the try.

    Oh, by the way, there's also this bus available for a ride around Odaiba, so do check that one out as well.
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