Looking for More of The Autumn Red Colours? Have You Seen The Higanbana

Kanto Entertainment Higanbana 2019.09.24
Stepping into Autumn, most of the people think of the red and yellow leaves that fall and forming an Autumn carpet. Here is a different plant for you to try this year.

have you heard of a flower called Higanbana or Manjushage?

  • This flower called Higanbana【彼岸花:ひがんばな】 is a type of lycoris and has a bright beautiful red colour. The plant is also known as a red spider lily, and its looks are unique as well as the meaning of the flower.
    The flower grows on a single stem with no other branches nor leaves, normally blooming during autumn.
    The meaning that the flower carries is "Sad Memories", or a totally different meaning, "Passion".

    It is said that the reason it carries the meaning of "Sad Memories" is because people used to plant them near cemeteries, but this was becasue the bulb of the plant carries a toxin within and that used to avoid pests and other animals from digging out the area for to give a peaceful rest for the lost one.

The Higanbana Garden at Kinchakuda in Saitama

  • Although it carries some negative meanings, people nowadays appreciate the beautiful looks and celebrate the lovely autumn season.

    Here at the Kinchakuda Majushage Gardens people enjoy the beautiful red carpet with the Manjushage festival.
    Approximately 5 million Manjushage are planted in the garden and the scenery is stunning.
During the festival, there will be local cuisines available at the little stores within the garden along with other stores.

The festival will be held between 14th of September till 29th of September 2019 at Kinchakuda Manjushage Park. (Map)
  • The blooming season of the red spider lily over the past few years.
    The blooming season of the red spider lily over the past few years.
In the image above, yellow shows the blooming period and red shows when it was in full bloom.

By the way, according to their official facebook page, the blooming has not yet started and the blooming season for this year is predicted to be around the end of September to early October, so it's not too late yet!

Hidaka Kinchakuda Manjushage Park 
Manjushage Festival (pdf flyer)

September 14th till September 29th
300 yen admission fee during the season.
How do you think about these lovely red flowers?

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Basic Info
NameHidaka Kinchakuda Manjushage Park
Address55 Komahongo, Hidaka, Saitama 350-1251
StationKoma Station
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