Opening This March, Japan's First Botanical Garden Starbucks, Hosted by Yomiuriland: HANA🌼BIYORI

Kanto Entertainment Yomiuriland 2020.01.27
A new-style botanical garden HANA🌼BIYORI to be opening in Yommiuriland as the first milestone for their super amusement park vision. Here are the details.
Being able to see the cherry blossoms from above, Yomiuriland in spring is one of Tokyo's famous destinations for cherry blossom during the season, and now they are taking their Japanese garden to the next level bringing a botanical garden experience like never before.
  • *Image from Yomiuriland.


    That's the name to look for on March 14th, 2020. An immersive entertainment botanical garden as Yomiuriland calls it, features a huge 1,500 square meters-wide indoor garden with more than 20,000 flowers and over 300 flower chandeliers hanging from the ceiling decorating the view above, projection mapping and ... otters and more!
  • *Image from Yomiuriland

    There will be Japan's first botanical garden Starbucks with the design concept of "New lifestyle with coffee". Here, you can enjoy the extraordinary cafe experience with the ray shining in from the glass ceiling and being surrounded by plants and flowers. They will also create the Starbucks signage with real plants.
  • The designers of the cafe space and the florist within are one of Japan's top spatial designers called parkERs

    This area is designed to have a look as if it is a ripple in the water, seats placed to represent the waves created from the ripple spreading across.
    The fusion of the plants and the aquarium creates a unique atmosphere as if the entire space is filled with the two, allowing you as a customer to find your very own spot where you can enjoy your favourite environment.

Digital World of Flowers

  • The transformation of the garden does not end there. Once the lights are turned down low, the doors to a fantastic world of flowers and projection mapping opens wide right in front of you.

Meet the unexpected cute friends!

  • HANA🌼BIYORI also features a section where you can see the otters right up close.
  • This is only the beginning!

    Yomiuriland has its great vision of creating the best super amusement park by 2029 and it is a ten-year project overall, and this year-round botanical garden is only the beginning. Stay tuned to find out more about the great transformation that's taking place here at Yomiuriland!

    Meanwhile, look forward to the HANA🌼BIYORI that's opening on the 14th of March this year.
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