Learn How to Wash Your Hands & Prevent COVID-19 With the Doggos of Japan

Tohoku Entertainment Coronavirus 2020.04.21
The Japanese akita dog is known to be intelligent... and apparently pretty knowledgable about coronavirus.
  • The Video We've All Been Waiting For
    The Video We've All Been Waiting For
    A state of emergency has been declared in Japan, lockdowns are happening all over the world, and people are doing their best to stay home and practice social distancing. Which, of course, means watching a lot of cute cat and dog videos (and lazy panda clips).

    One of these videos in particular, however, caught the attention of netizens worldwide, thanks to its relevant theme and exceedingly charming protagonists.
  • The Title? Akita Dogs: Preventing Infection! (Flatten the Curve)
    The Title? Akita Dogs: Preventing Infection! (Flatten the Curve)
    The stars of the show are four precocious pups, all akita inu breed, hailing from the Akita Prefecture of Japan. Their names are Omochi, Shodai, Towa, and Homare, and their mission is to flatten the curve! Which is why they appear in the video graciously demonstrating the best ways to prevent spreading coronavirus infection - some basic advice, and things you might not have thought of.

    Watch the akitas at work, properly scrubbing their paws for 20 seconds, staying hydrated, keeping 2 meters apart, disinfecting surfaces, staying home, and more!

Useful Information + A Little Bit of Fun

We can thank Akita Inu Tourism for this video, a local tourism organization created by a handful of cities in Akita Prefecture (home to the adorable akita inu). And not only did they release the original video in Japanese, but they also made a version in Chinese, and an impressively well-translated English-language version! (If you're curious about what exactly Omochi and the rest are telling us, definitely check it out). The video's popularity has already caused quite a few viewers to comment things like "Once the coronavirus situation calms down, I definitely need to visit Akita!"
  • The production staff and members of the organization explained "we know that the akita is already a popular dog breed around the world, so we were hoping to help spread useful information about tackling COVID-19 and flattening the curve in a cute, positive way, while reminding everyone of how great the dogs are."
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