Marina Fujiwara Teaches the Internet How to Escape from a Zoom Meeting

Nationwide Entertainment Stayhome 2020.05.05
Has Zoom started to feel boring and tiresome? Here's how to get out of your next meeting or get-together, courtesy of Japanese Twitter.
Marina Fujiawara (藤原 麻里菜) is a Youtuber who is best known for her channel 
MUDA-ZUKURI /Wasted Creation /, where the tagline is "Let's Make USELESS Machines." Her recent post on Twitter, however, grabbed the attention of millions of netizens (more than double the views of her most popular videos on Youtube, even).
Her video shows off the use of her newest invention (the "Loading circle machine FOR ESCAPE FROM ZOOM") in the setting of an online party, with her and three friends. Clearly tired of her friends' company and looking for an escape, Fujiwara's "useless machine" is put to work, sliding up and in front of her face at the press of a button. Thanks to some excellent freezing on her part, and fast finger work pressing the "Leave Meeting" button, she successfully gets away, with her friends none the wiser. Just blame an inconsistent internet connection!

The video clearly struck a chord with internet users across Japan, already sick of attending work meetings and social events via Zoom, and looking for a little relief. The short video has been retweeted 40,000+ times, with plenty of Twitter users wishing they had their own device for one situation or another.
Hikigatari James (弾き語りジェームス / @hikigatarijames) commented on the video, saying simply "I want it. I could use one at work."
While Twitter user Kento (@azarashi1810) commented "I'll be using this when nature calls and I head to the toilet. 👀🚽👌"

What would you use a "Loading circle machine FOR ESCAPE FROM ZOOM" for? What kind of Zoom obligations are you trying to escape? Let us know on the Japankuru twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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