Disneyland Reopens! Long Time No See, Tokyo Disney

Kanto Entertainment Disneyland 2020.07.03
After 4 months closed, Tokyo Disneyland reopened on July 1st, and Tokyo residents are excited.
When the COVID-19 outbreak hit Japan in February, Tokyo Disneyland was one of the first big leisure facilities to take action by announcing a temporary closure. At the time, many assumed it would be a short closure, but it took more than a full four months before the park declared its plans to finally reopen. Leading up to the July 1st reopening, Japan's Oricon News reported on an explosion of related keywords taking over the Japanese internet, like "Disney reopening" (ディズニー再開), "TDR_now" (TDR = The Disney Resort), "park reopening" (パーク再開), and "soarin'" (ソアリン), one of the park's more popular attractions. And when advance ticket sales began online, a purchase war broke out, jamming the booking page for several days in a row. On the long-awaited opening day, carefully social-distanced lines stretched out front far before the 8 am opening time.
Incredibly excited to finally be back to Disneyland, many of the first day's visitors broadcast the day live on social media, shouting with excitement when the gates finally opened. Despite the enthusiasm of the crowd, though, coronavirus prevention measures were clearly visible: limited admission numbers, social distancing, and no hugs from Mickey Mouse.
Some people admitted that the lack of crowds made the park feel a little lonely, but it also meant that lines were unusually short. Rides that have been known to require wait times of over an hour, like Soarin', and the recently opened Toy Story Mania!, had lines that only lasted five or ten minutes. Disneyland fans were quick to comment on how incredibly rare that was.
Despite the odd state of things at Tokyo Disneyland, with small crowds and frequent use of disinfectant, people were clearly pleased to be back. When an official video was released as part of the Tokyo Disneyland reopening, showing a Disneyland free of people but ready to welcome fans back, numerous Disneyland fans commented that it had made them cry. Hopefully the safety measures will continue to be effective, and the park will soon welcome back the huge crowds it's known for.
Tokyo Disneyland just doesn't look right without the people!

Finally, this article's very own happy ending:

"My wife told me to free up some time,
and when we arrived at our destination,
it was Disneyland."

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