Japan's Art Aquarium Is Now a Permanent Museum of Living Goldfish in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Tokyo Entertainment Nihonbashi 2020.07.27
Once a popular summer event, the Nihonbashi Art Aquarium has found a permanent home in Tokyo, opening August 28, 2020!

Image Source: Art Aquarium

Last year, the Japankuru team heard that the extremely popular and often-photographed Nihonbashi Art Aquarium exhibition would be happening for the very last time in 2019, so we knew we had to visit the Art Aquarium before it was too late. At the time, all the general public knew was that the exhibition's producers were planning to move the yearly summer event to Kumamoto Castle, all the way south in Kyushu and far from Tokyo. We thoroughly enjoyed our little tour through the compact exhibit, which fit thousands of lively goldfish and beautiful, sculptural fish tanks into a department store event hall. While we were glad to hear that the people of Kumamoto would be able to enjoy the flashy spectacular in years to come, we were sad we wouldn't have a chance to easily see what new wonders artist Hidetomo Kimura would create. So, we were quite happy to hear the news that a brand new Art Aquarium Museum would be opening not far from the original exhibition, in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo!
The new Art Aquarium Museum is set to open on August 28, 2020, in a new spacious facility that can hold far more people (and more goldfish) than previous incarnations. Current photos and digital recreations of the soon-to-open museum show a brand new layout, featuring art pieces both new and old.
Some of the old favorites appear be returning to the Art Aquarium's exhibits, like this tank that creates the image of a kimono with an ever-changing goldfish design, or the enormous, sculptural fishtank-turned-waterfountain pieces towering overhead and full to the brim with fish flashing in the bright lights.
On top of those classic Art Aquarium pieces, the museum looks like it will also be home to quite a few new pieces, with everything mixed together to create brand new experiences.

Image Source: Art Aquarium

We're especially intrigued by this area of the museum, dubbed "Mystery" ("神秘"), a room filled with towering columns of goldfish and multicolored lights. It's possible that these fish tanks made an appearance at past Art Aquarium exhibitions, but we certainly didn't see them in 2020!
With two whole floors of brand new Art Aquarium Museum, there will definitely be plenty to see at the new facility. We look forward to seeing the new aquarium art that makes its home in Nihonbashi!

If you're in Japan and can't wait for the new Art Aquarium Museum to open, you can always check out one of the many aquariums around Tokyo in the meantime. Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium, in particular, has an art-focused exhibition going on right now! And for more Jaoanese news and updates, don't forget to follow Japankuru on twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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