New Pokemon Toy Suggests We've All Been Secretly Longing to Ride Pikachu

Nationwide Entertainment Pokemon 2020.09.18
Is Pokemon Air the Pokemon toy we've all been waiting for?

Not Sure What to Think of Pokemon Air? Yeah, Me Neither

Image Source: Pokemon Air

New Pokemon merchandise is just about a daily occurence in Japan, and the cute characters make their appearance on everything from Adidas sneakers to underwear and umbrellas. Pokemon toys? You better believe it―they're everywhere! But there's something about this new Pokemon toy that I must say... I find unnerving.

Riding Pokemon is not, in an of itself, an issue, at least in my book. In the games and tv shows, human characters frequently surf the seas on the back of Lapras or perch atop the head of a giant Onix. But those Pokemon are inherently large enough for the task, and even if they don't map perfectly to real-life animal equivalents, it never seems like too much of a stretch. But Pikachu? Our little electric mouse buddy? Am I just now finding out that children and fellow Pokemon fans around the world have been waiting all these years for a chance to climb on the small Pokemon's back and bounce through the backyard? I am uncomfortable.

Let's Be Honest, I Still Want One

Image Source: Pokemon Air

While much of the imagery on the official website features fathers (?) and their children (??) riding Pikachu in the fake grass (???), and it specifically mentions that adults up to 100kg (220 lbs) can bounce on Pikachu's back without issue, the page also features this photo of an adult using the Pokemon Air Pikachu as a cushion while playing on a Switch. The truth of the matter is that Pokemon Air is just a rubber blow-up Pikachu, and yes, I too would like to use it as a pillow while lounging on the floor of my expensive, brightly lit apartment.

For riding, though, might I recommend Arcanine or perhaps Rapidash? They're pretty cute, too! And you can actually ride them in the games. I can only hope the people at Pokemon Air are listening.

Image Source: JamStore

If you would like to get your own Pokemon Air Pikachu, and you don't mind pumping air into its butt to blow it up (really, Pokemon????), you can get your own from for 7,500 yen (around 75USD) plus tax. Preorders start on October 1st, and you know what, I'm sure they'll sell out quicker than lightning (or a thunderbolt, wink wink).
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