Celebrate the Year of the Rat (Chinese New Year 2020) with Fun Japanese Products! Part 2

Tokyo Shopping 2020 2020.01.23
Usually called "Chinese New Year" in English, the lunar new year is almost here, and it's celebrated all over the world! We already know that Japan loves to make special limited edition products for holidays of all kinds, and thanks to the Chinese zodiac, the lunar new is always associated with a cute animal, perfect for kawaii products of all kinds. In fact, we found so many adorable, mouse-themed items this year that we needed to break our list up into two parts! So read on for part 2.

Even More of Our Favorite Year of the Rat Items for Chinese New Year 2020!

Since holidays like the lunar new year, complete with built-in animal mascot, are a great opportunity for companies in Japan to make fun limited-edition products, you'd better believe plenty of companies are hopping on the bandwagon. We started listing a few of our favorites already, but here are even more of Japan's silliest, cutest, and strangest Year of the Rat products this year!

⑤ Vendome Boutique's Mouse Motif

  • Source: Fashion Press

    Everyday jewelry brand Vendome Boutique is starting 2020 with some limited edition products that fall a little outside their normal style range: some distinctly cheesy mouse charms! They're a little silly, but a nice subtle way of getting into the Chinese New Year fun without going overboard. A few of the charms are available at the shop's branches around Japan, but a couple items can only be purchased from their webshop.

⑥ Reebok x Tom and Jerry

  • Source: Fashion Press

    Like Mickey Mouse, the Tom and Jerry brand sure isn't missing its chance to show up all over the place during the year of the rat. We've already seen Jerry smiling brightly from the side of an ETRO bag, but this time he's playing model for a few different pairs of Reebok sneakers. Interestingly, since they couldn't exactly leave Tom entirely out of the picture, the sole cat-themed pair of shoes in this year of the rat line is really the most unique design of the bunch, with bright yellow blocks and faux fur. If nothing else, they will certainly stand out from the crowd. The Jerry-themed pairs make more sense for this year's Chinese zodiac theme, but they're also much more laid back in design. Pick some up at the Reebok Store in Shibuya, or around Tokyo.

⑦ Goodglas 2020 Mouse Glass

  • Source: Fashion Press

    Goodglas's adorable drinkware has made a splash on the internet in the past, with the cleverly shaped glasses filling up to show adorable cats, bears, and other internet favorites. This year, they've started things right with a new limited-edition mouse-shaped glass! They're available while supplies last at a couple of department stores around Tokyo, but only 500 are being made. If you want one, get going before it's too late!

⑧ Adidas x Pokemon

  • Source: Fashion Press

    If you want some cute mouse sneakers but Tom and Jerry aren't your thing, might we recommend Pikachu? While these Pokemon shoes aren't being explicitly advertised as Year of the Rat products, they are arriving in stores suspiciously close to the holiday (within days), and Pikachu is ~the mouse pokemon~, so...

    I mean, we wouldn't mind celebrating the lunar new year this way! You'll find them at Adidas stores, Pokemon Centers, and a variety of other stores.

⑨ Vans' Year of the Rat Collection

Sick of sneakers yet?
  • Source: PR Times

    There must be something about the Chinese New Year that attracts sneaker brands, because Vans sure isn't looking to be left behind! Their very clearly labeled "Year of the Rat Collection" is less in your face, with subtle grey tones and simple patterns. Less cute and mousey, a little more sleek and... ratty? Find them at Vans' stores around Japan.

⑩ Toraya's 2020 Specialty Wagashi Sweets

  • Source: Fashion Press

    Last but not least: Wagashi (和菓子, traditional Japanese sweets) maker Toraya has been in business since the early 16th century, when they made their sweets for the imperial court in Kyoto. These days, you can pick up a few of their special mouse-themed Chinese New Year sweets for yourself if you visit Japan before they're gone. From yokan jelly featuring cute Year of the Rat packaging and embedded designs, to mouse-shaped and stamped cakes full of sweet white bean paste, they might just make the perfect souvenir to bring home and share. You'll find a list of their locations right here.
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