Collecting all the must-visit spots in Asakusa!

Tokyo Entertainment 2016.06.08
Eat! Play! See! Enjoy! And CANMAKE!

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Asakusa, full of traditional atmosphere of Japan!

Located in the heart of Tokyo,
Asakusa, full of traditional atmosphere of Japan!

If you have been to Asakusa,
you definitely would like to take a memorial shot in front of Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon,  a representative symbol of Asakusa!

Street that is crowded with tourists from Japan and around the world,
gathering to experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle and culture. 

by the way...
what are in Asakusa?

Come on! Put on the make up of CANMAKE,
getting ready to explore the fun of Asakusa!
# Cosmetics ♪ Secret of the make up of Kimono lady in Asakusa! Check out the latest cosmetics items with CANMAKE!

Wanna know more about what is going on in Asakusa? JAPANKURU CONCIERGE DESK (JCD) will help you!

<Japankuru Concierge Desk>

 Just the way out from the side of Sensoji Temple, 
go straight to reach the big red Torii!
Oh!!! Here you are!
Foreign Tourist Information Center is open on 4/16!

It is an area gathering a lot of artistic performers, and small theater,
so-called Asakusa Broadway. 
Besides, a new-opened facilities presenting items from all around Japan, called MARUGOTO NIPPON and tourists' favorite shopping spot, Don Quixote!

Japankuru Concierge Desk is located here!
Staffs speaking foreign languages such as Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean, etc. are available.
Feel free to drop by to get some info. for your trip!

2-5-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, 
Google Map
Open Hour: 10:00 ~ 19:00
(Not available on Sunday and Monday, and June 10, 11.
Sorry for the inconvenience)

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STAY ★Enjoy the view of both modern and traditional beauty!

  • A perfect hotel in Asakusa!
    Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International
    Homepage (English)

    Just a minute from JCD
    A beautiful view of TOKYO SKYTREE
    Delicious meal

    #Accommodation ♪ Enjoy the view of TOKYO SKYTREE ~Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International~ in front of Don Quixote


  • take a walk in Yukata around Asakusa

    * Plan
    ~Standard Kimono Plan 3000 yen + tax
    ※Kimono, belt, tabi, simple hair setting are included.

    ~Premium Kimono Plan 5000 yen + tax
    ※Kimono, belt, tabi, simple hair setting are included.

    ~Men's Kimono Plan 4000 yen + tax
    ※Kimono, belt, tabi, simple hair setting are included.

    About 40-min is required. 
    Above plans are for one day service. 
    You can add 1500 yen + tax  to extend until 12:00 the following day. 
    Remember to notice the staff in advance. 

    For reservation


  • Take a memorial shot in front of Kaminarimon
    Take a memorial shot in front of Kaminarimon
    A popular spot in Japan even among elementary, junior high and high school's students!

    Starting from JCD → Kaminarimon 
    (Just 6-minute walk)

    Wear a CANMAKE makeup to take a walk in Asakusa 

    # Cosmetics ♪ Secret of the make up of Kimono lady in Asakusa! Check out the latest cosmetics items with CANMAKE!
  • Experience Japanese yadai(Food stalls)
    Experience Japanese yadai(Food stalls)
    Takoyaki, okonomiyaki  and other sweets?
  • Rickshaw ride
    Rickshaw ride
    Same as the general transportation, 
    across the road in rickshaw
    with friends, family, or partners. 

    No worry of communication problem with the rickshaw riders!
    They speak pretty-well English!

    One area
    2,000 yen /person 
    3,000 yen/.2 persons

DO⑤★Take the memorial studio photos

Transforming into a Kimono Beauty in Asakusa at Nanairo Studio!

Starting from JCD → Asakusa STUDIO Nanairo 
(Just 6-minute walk)

Asakusa STUDIO Nanairo
2-17-8 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

#Experience ♪ At Photo STUDIO NANAIRO in Asakusa, let's CHANGE & Make your Japan Travel more Colorful!

EAT①★ Melon-bun (4000 pieces sold a day)

  • Melon-bun (4000 pieces sold a day)
    A lot of celebrities in Japan have come and visited!
    Recently, it is introduced by many TV programs as well!

    Why so popular?
    ・size bigger than your face
    ・freshly baked

    Three time of fermentation compared to the ordinary bread.

    Instead of 60-90 minutes, 
    3-hour is taken!

    200 yen each
    500 yen/ 3 pieces

    Starting from JCD → Asakusa Kagetudo  
    (Just 2-minute walk)

    TEL: 03-3847-5251
    Open Hour: 9:00 ~  sold out
    Asakusa Kagetudo (Japanese)

EAT②★Special matcha sweets Kaminari Issa

  • Rediscovering the charm of green tea

    Are you green tea lovers?
    Try some chocolate and cake!
    You can try before purchasing!

    (left) 650 yen tax included
    (Right) 1,590 yen tax included

    1-15-9, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo 
    TEL: 03-6802-7948
    Open Hour: 9-18:00
    Official Site:

    Starting from JCD → Special matcha sweets Kaminari Issa 
    (Just 6-minute walk)

EAT③★Age- dango (fried dumpling)

Opened on the same day as JCD
Interesting texture!
Oh! It is the same group of the famous takoyaki shop in Japan!

Sweet and spicy 

- Isobe-yaki  (Isobe = Seaweed soy sauce base)
 - Sweet and spicy (Original sauce: Soy sauce and sugar)
- Wasabi Soy sauce (Soy sauce and Wasabi)
- Sesame Shichimi (Sesame and Shichimi)
- Kinako (Soybean flour)
- Red bean

120 yen each
720 yen for 6 
Come and have a try!

Open Hour: 10:00-20:00

EAT4★Sushi Shop

A new brand of sushi-go-round
1. order to make
2. touch screen panel
3. freshly made sushi will then arrive in front of you through the rail

Reasonable price!

Starting from JCD → Sushinova  Shin-nakamise store
(Just 3-minute walk)
Open Hour: 11:00 ~23:00 
Last order: 22:30
Take out is available
Payment Method: Cash / Credit Card
Official website (English):

★#Japanese food ♪ Sushi never go-round! Sushi-Nova in Shibuya! Freshness is the best!

BUY★Kappabashi Kitchen knife shop ~Tsubaya

  • Kappabashi Kitchen knife shop

    - reasonable (tax free)
    - More than 1000 types 
    - Used by world famous chefs

    If you are interested in cooking, 
    come to take a visit!

    Starting from JCD → Tsubaya
    (Just 5-minute walk)
    Open Hour: 9:00 ~ 17:45 (weekdays) // 9:00 ~ 17:00 (days, holidays)

"Let's link the world and share our Japanese stories!"

JAPANKURU is made up of words JAPAN & KURU (来る).
KURU  means to come in Japanese. 
So JAPANKURU means to come to Japan!

JAPANKURU has websites and a number of social network platform,
 sharing stories and latest information in Japan and communicating with people around the world everyday on the Internet!

Then, on April 16, 2016, 
the real communication spot has started in Asakusa in Tokyo!
There you are!

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We have staffs speaking multi-languages there everyday 
providing information and suggesting travel idea of Asakusa and Tokyo, as well as Japan!

Where is JAPANKURU Concierge Desk?
2-5-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, 
Open Hour: 10:00 ~ 19:00
(Not available on Sunday and Monday)
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