TOP THINGS TO DO ★ Enoshima Shrine! Three great shrines of Benzaiten in Japan

Kanto Entertainment 2017.05.12
If you visit Enoshima, you must visit Enoshima. It is a shrine of both gods from Meiji period and buddhas. Enoshima shrine consists of three shrines, Hetsuno-miya, Nakatsuno-miya and Okutsuno-miya. They are the god of sea, fisheries and transportation.  since the shrines are located on the hill; the view from the shrines is very stunning. 


The charm of Enoshima Shrine

  • Every March in Spring will hold this festival. 
    A number of boys and girls will be gathered. 
    Starting from Enoshima shrine, using shells on the beach to worship the god of the sea!

  • Way to boost your wealth
    Way to boost your wealth
    In Japan, it is very common to believe in goddess of faith.
    Washing money/coins there is famous too, to increase the luck of wealth!
  • Wish for love
    Wish for love
    Enoshima shrine is also well-known as the shrine of love. 
    Put a big ema (Wooden charm)to wish for forever love. 

Seidou (bronze) Torii and Benzaiten Shopping Street

Before you get into the Enoshima Shrine, you will pass through the bronze Torii. 
The torii is originally made from wood, then converted into bronze in 1821. 
It has become an important cultural property of Fujisawa. 
The donor's name is engraved on the Torii.

From the bronze Torii to the red Torii, 
there is a shopping street,
ryokan hotels, restaurants, souvenirs can be all found here!

Open Hour: 8:30am ~ 5pm 
Basic Info
NameEnoshima Shrine
Address2-3-8 Enoshima, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
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