Local Favourite at Sapporo's Saera Cafe Specialised in Sandwiches

Hokkaido Food Sandwich 2019.09.30
Not all gourmet foods are served in a fancy restaurant. This place in Sapporo Hokkaido is a cafe specialised in sandwich making. Leaving the atmosphere of Japanese Showa nostalgia, this cafe has a unique touch that all locals love.
  • Did you think that Japanese people are not so into bread diet?
    People generally love their rice in Japan, yes, but people also love their bread as much as their rice here too, and here is a cafe that serves some of the best sandwiches in Japan.
    See these lovely sandwiches filled with delights!
    A must-try if you are in the Sapporo area of Hokkaido.
  • This cafe located near the Odori Station in Sapporo is called "Saera" and although the signboards don't look very fancy, the cafe sure is a nice cozy spot in Hokkaido.

    Open from 10 am till 6 pm, by noon for lunch this place is packed with local people. make sure you avoid the busy times and arrange a comfortable time range for your stomach and environment.
  • Nice counter seatings or table seats, either way you will be able to enjoy your coffee break.
    I obviously came in at during the busiest hours. Just come in a little later, even come for afternoon tea.

    This cafe has been in business since 1975, that's 44 years in operation.
  • You can find old looking decorations throughout the cafe. That gives the Showa Nostalgia.

    They have 12 standard kinds of sandwiches and many more variations for each with different flavour combinations as well. Along with the ordinary savory range, they also have fruit sandwiches that come with fruits and whipped cream in between fluffy sandwich slices of bread.
  • We went for the fruit sandwich and salmon sandwich combo as well as the crab sandwich and corn fritter sandwich combo.
  • The sandwiches are delicious and the yare also made to order, so you will be waiting for a little while, but not too long and it is definitely worth the wait (including the queuing).
  • The fruit sandwich is definitely good for afternoon break as well. The fresh fruits go very well with the whipped cream and the soft bread.

    The sandwiches are also available for takeaway if you are in a rush or want to grab something on the go.

    Sandwich making is all about caring of customers.
    Get one element wrong in the dish, you miss all the greatness of it and end up spoiling the dish.
    This place makes things perfect!

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Cafe details
Name: Saera: Coffee and Sandwiches
Address: Underground Level 3, 2−5-1 , Odorinishi, Chuoku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0042 (Map)
Open Hours: 10am till 6pm (or till stock lasts) Thursday till Tuesday (Closed on Wednesdays)
Cash only
Closest station Odori station (within a minute walk)
Basic Info
NameSaera, Sandwich and Coffee
AddressUnderground Level 3, 2−5-1 , Odorinishi, Chuoku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0042
StationOdori Station, Sapporo Chuoku

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