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Tokyo Food Hamburger 2019.09.21
Being vegan in this country is hard. A lot of things contain fish or meat or dairy in Japan, especially with the Dashi broth, it makes it very hard to find a vegan meal. But things are changing here in Japan. Here is one option for you to try. They are located in five different locations around Tokyo, so hopefully, this would help some of you.

Vegan diet in Shinjuku!

Finding it hard being Vegan in Japan?
There aren't many vegan options around but here is one that might become one for you.

A restaurant that serves vegan meals in Tokyo.
First opened in 2014 at Omotesando.
Their menu is separated into three categories, Salads, Vegan Options, and Protein-Packed meals.
  • The restaurant in Shinjuku has a great relaxing atmosphere.
    They also have non-vegan options so you can bring along a person who is not vegan and still eat healthily.
  • They have a variety of options for water as well.
    They've got detoxing water instead of just tap water.
    This was a nice refreshment!
  • It's a nice alternative to ordinary water, but if you do prefer just water you can ask the staff for that. 
  • They've also got veggie smoothies as well!
    This one called the "Activity Purple" contains grapes, purple cabbage, mixed berries, banana, honey, and milk.
    They do have vegan smoothies as well, called the "Refresh Cleanse", containing kale, komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), kiwi, banana, agave syrup with coconut milk.

    Cold-pressed juices are another option that they have.
  • AND... what we have been waiting for to try.
    AND... what we have been waiting for to try.
    The vegan burger.
    To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be good at first.
    But with the combination of the buns, patty and the sauce along with all the other toppings...

    It was amazing!

    The teriyaki sauce did a great job keeping the soy patty nice and moist along with the vegan mayo they had with a bit of mustard inside it just gave the burger a great flavour.

    Teriyaki sauce is not my favourite option when it comes to ordinary burgers at other places, but this one here, I can definitely recommend to my friends even if they are not a vegan.

    I only found out later that they used red wine in their teriyaki sauce. That's what must have given the sauce a unique flavour.
  • The non-vegetarian option that we tried was eggs benedict w/ avocado and salmon trout, (which I believe is what we call rainbow trout... I need to find out about this) covered with spinach hollandaise sauce.
    Also a delicious dish.
  • Next time you're in one of these cities (Omotesando, Shinjuku, Komazawa, Hibiya, or Kisarazu), try out Mr.Farmer.
    They have breakfast/ brunch menus as well.
    They also have gluten-free options and their vegetables are traceable to their farmers AND mostly organic!

    They also act a lot to spread the vegan options in Japan and join the Happy COW, Meat Free Monday, and the Vegewel community as well.
So next time you dine, eat well at Mr.Farmer!

What is your favourite vegan restaurant in Japan?
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