The Unique Culture of "Hitori" in Japan: Hitori Yakiniku at Yakiniku Like!

Tokyo Food Yakiniku 2019.09.24
People in Japan are tending to like to be on their own these days. There is even a self Yakiniku (Japanese style barbecue) restaurant where people go in on their own and enjoy.
Yakiniku, 【焼肉:やきにく】 one of the best ways to eat beef in Japan. We have looked at different restaurants to try Japanese beef previously, but in this article, we will specifically cover the Yakiniku, a Japanese style barbecue.
If you go to an ordinary Yakiniku restaurant, you will see tables that will comfortably fit 2-4 people with a grill in the centre of the table, but at this place, you will find a table that fits two or a counter-like table where people just sit along next to each other with a grill for one in front of each seat.
Just like above, you will find a single person-sized grill in front of each seat. Your own grill and your own tongs enjoying everything to yourself.
There are plenty of options to choose from on the menu. Starting from 50 grams (half size), or a 100 gram (single serving) there are beef ribs, beef tongue, pork belly, and other parts. If you like your rice there is a set option for an additional 200 yen that will come with rice, soup, and kimchi.
In addition to the ordinary menu, they have a combination menu that comes with a variety of meats at a cheaper price than ordering separately.
Although a lot of the meat here is served marinated, there is a good variety of sauces to try as well. 
This is an example of what 150g of meat looks like with the set menu. This should get you starting and the add another 100g or 50g depending on how much you can eat.
  • The Ningen Shikkaku(No Longer Human, by Osamu Dazai) Combo
    The Ningen Shikkaku(No Longer Human, by Osamu Dazai) Combo
The film Ningen Shikkaku is on at the moment and they are offering a collaboration menu where you can try out the Ultimate meat challenge.
60 minutes to eat 5 pounds woth of Yakiniku meats and a bowl of rice, soup, and Kimchi. That's 2,250g of meat.
In case you complete the challenge within the given time, the 2,800 yen bill is on the house.
The campaign goes on until only the end of this month (September 30th).
*offered only at limited stores. Shimbashi, Shinjuku Nishiguchi, Shibuya Utagawacho, Akasaka Mitsuke, and Ueno.

Yakiniku Like, 14 stores available across Japan.

Eight in Tokyo, Three in Kanagawa, one each in Chiba, Hyogo, and Osaka.
*See official website for a detailed list. (←Japanese only)
There are other restaurants that offer single person-sized dishes around Japan, but we will keep that for another time.

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