TKG?! The Barely Mentioned Soul Food of Japan!

Tokyo Food Pop-up store 2020.01.21
A seemingly simple meal, crack a raw egg on some rice, pour some soy sauce on top and you have TKG! But while it's a simple dish, it's extraordinarily tasty! Many Japanese say that if they want to choose the last meal in their lives, it is TKG. Seemingly simple three ingredients, but infinite possibilities! The method to make it is also very simple. Three steps: [cooking] rice, [beating] eggs, [pouring] soy sauce!
The rarely spoken about Japanese Soul-Food! What is TKG?
The Crowdfunding Project Page for the TKG Pop-Up Store can be found here:

Japanese Cuisine is normally thought to be quite a high quality affair, with foods such as Wagyu Beef, Sushi, or other high class food.
But something that is not mentioned much is a food that many Japanese people can't live without and that they eat everyday, TKG or Tamago Kake Gohan. In English this translates to roughly Raw Egg over Rice. Normally using only 3 simple ingredients, eggs, rice, and soy sauce, it is a seemingly ordinary dish that tastes extraordinary!
Tamago Kake Gohan (たまごかけごはん) or TKG is often seen in a variety of Japanese anime, dramas and films! You can make it a conversation starter with a Japanese friend by just asking "Do you know TKG?". They'll be amazed with your knowledge of this rarely talked about dish!

One reason that it hasn't really been picked up in a lot of Western countries is because of the use of raw eggs. As many people know there is a taboo of eating raw eggs, with samonella being a major source of concern. But due to the way eggs are processed in Japan, samonella is rare, meaning that eating raw eggs is generally safe! You should definetely try this delicacy while here!
The Tamago Kake Gohan Research Institute?!?!
Japanese people love TKG far more than people know! With that, a group of Japanese workers have created the TKG Research Institute to study and find the ultimate TKG combination! While doing this, they hold gatherings, and try to help local farmers as well by promoting their goods! By carefully selecting the freshest tastiest eggs and rice and using special soy that was made for them, they aim to make a perfect TKG!
More than one way to make TKG!?!
There are only normally three main ingredients in TKG, but the way to mix these ingredients are nearly as numerous as the types of eggs, soy sauces and rice you can choose to eat! 
The TKG Research Institute created a handy little manual to describe some of these way to eat! They are giving these away as returns for their crowdfunding!

You can find this folder here on the crowdfunding site and we've also added a few below!
  • Only You
    Yolk only
    Small amount of soy sauce

    100% Yolk, 100% Addictive

    I Miss You
    Mix in the left over egg whites
    Small amount of soy sauce

    No yolk means a feeling of missing
  • Full Moon
    Create a meringue out of the egg white and make a fluffy TKG
    A little soy sauce

    The Fall
    Drop an egg on top and eat without mixing
    A little soy sauce
    Taste the difference between the rice, the yolk and the egg white! 
  • Dark Side
    Egg yolks in soy sauce and let stand overnight
    Place on top of rice and eat!

    Flying Nimbus
    Stir egg yolks and egg whites until creamy and stir with rice
    A little soy sauce

    After reading the different methods, which one do you want to try?
    If you don't know how to make delicious TKG, don't worry, visit the TKG Popup Store and you can find the best way to make TKG and enjoy the heavenly taste!
2020 TKG Pop-up Store in Tokyo!
The TKG Research Institute will open a Pop-Up store for a limited time only starting in May bringing the tastiest eggs from all around Japan for customers to try! No matter how many times you visit, you will defintely have a new experience each time!
Pop-up Store Length of Operation:May 2020~ October 2020
【Location】TBD, Within Tokyo

【Service Information】

・TKG Trial Set(2 Kinds of Eggs, One topping, Miso Soup, Pickles)
・TKG All you can eat set(All you can eat eggs,2 helpings of rice, 2 types of toppings, Miso Soup, Pickles)
・TKG Ultimate All You Can Eat!(All You Can Eat Eggs, Rice, Toppings + Miso Soup and Pickles)
・Soft-boiled TKG
・Premium Pudding
Bringing Japanese Soul Food ~Tamago Kake Gohan~ to the Wider World! Crowdfunding Project Start!
  • ・Crowdfunding Period:15th January 2020(Wed)~27th February 2020(Thurs)23:59
    ・Funding Goal:300,000 Yen
    ・Project Type:All-in
    ・Returns: TKG Pop-Up store event ticket、Select TKG Products、Original Goods
    Crowdfunding Page:
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