Your Introduction Into Japanese SOUL FOOD with Nagatanien

Kanto Food 2016.03.04
On top of white rice, topped with seaweed and other ingredients, or over hot tea, it doesn't matter how you enjoy it...

Nagatanien ochazuke

Fully incorporated in Japan's food culture, it's no exaggeration to say that "Green Tea over Rice with ochazuke" is Japanese "soul food". Over the years, Japan has seen a multitude of various types and flavors of ochazuke but the most popular in among them was realized with the introduction of regional limited edition. Anyone who has ever traveled to Japan can tell you the different parts of it's over 1,000 island each has it's own style, culture, and even tastes. Bridging the gap is  "Nagatanien" giving you access to a wealth of delicious flavors for any circumstance.

A further variation of ochazuke "local limited edition souvenir" series!

Hokkaido, Niigata, Karuizawa, Tokyo, Osaka, and Okinawa ... While traveling around Japan, get these vastly different ochazuke souvenirs! Apart from the seaweed and salmon and standard types such as plum, there are limited versions, which were created as a special product of each region! Isn't it a wonderful idea. A great incentive to travel the country and enjoy some delicious ochazuke.

Ochazuke of Nagatanien local limited edition souvenirs

More info:
  • Okinawa's limited edition anyone?!
    Okinawa's limited edition anyone?!
    Preparing Nagatanien ochazuke is actually quite simple. All you need is some rice and tea or hot water. Simply add the ochazuke to the rice and pour the water/ tea in. Give it a little bit of time to settle, then bon appétit!!
  • Even if it's cold out!
    Even if it's cold out!
    Warm ochazuke is here to keep you warm all the way through the night! It's highly portable so you can bring it with you on long trips wherever you decide to go.
  • Real ingredients!
    Real ingredients!
    Niigata's limited edition ochazuke uses special rice with green tea and real delicious seafood such as yellowtail and red queen crab! Nothing beats something as fresh as this!
  • Speaking of the main Kansai limited edition ochazuke ...
    Speaking of the main Kansai limited edition ochazuke ...
    Whatever you say, it has to be this!^^ Kobe beef ochazuke!! Such a gorgeous combination^ ^ Just a simple taste of this will make you homesick even if you're not from Kobe!! ^^ 
  • Shinshu specialty,
    Shinshu specialty, "nozawana" and "wasabi"
    Ochazuke using nozawana is a typical specialty of Shinshu! Not only tasty, but also healthy. ^^ very refreshing! 〜
  • Don't forget about Tokyo!
    Don't forget about Tokyo!
    With so many various flavors and blends of Ochazuke, it makes you wonder if there is one unique just to Tokyo? I guess we will never know... Or will we?... To be continued...
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