Yamagata - Omizukenatto - A Side Dish with a Firm Crunch

Tohoku Food Seeyousoonjapan 2020.04.15
Sooth your soul with a glimpse of some of Japan's most beautiful scenery (and food!), like Yamagata's unique fermented bean dish. #SeeYouSoonJapan

Omizukenatto, Yamagata

This dish is totally unique to Yamagata, making it a must-eat for adventurous foodies in the area. The base of the dish is normal Japanese natto, fermented soybeans that develop a strong, distinct smell, and a sticky texture. Added to the beans, however, are pickles called omizuke, made from a green leafy vegetable found only in the area! The local specialty has some deep flavors, to say the least, but it's nothing like you'll find anywhere else.
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